The demo continues

We have a kitchen contract!!! We finally have a kitchen contract. I am so happy this is finally done. Did I mention FINALLY?????

The happiness died quickly. We came home today and discovered we are neck deep in demolition. UGH. The guys Mark and Terry were doing a fine job keeping the dust to a minimum in the rest of the house, but yesterday was incredible. 2 hrs to clean up the lime dust from the plaster, not happy, at all. I left George a rather terse message that today, they had better plastic off the dining room doors and the living room doors and put craft paper on the floor…you would think this is the first time these people have done this.


This photo shows a sample of what kind of coverage we had to deal with.

On a more positive note, the demo is moving along. However, we still do not have steel beams installed, so the exterior wall has not progressed. But they did remove the divider between the dining room and kitchen.


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