The Romantic Side to Renovations…way not!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Well, we’ve had to move the temporary kitchen from our guest room to the office. Now we have extension cords running through the house, as the office doesn’t have enough power to support the computer stuff AND a damn kitchen.

Kitchen 2 in the office:


Our clean up station…imagine washing dishes and giving yourself a facial at the same time!!! What a time saver…why we never thought of it before is beyond me!


Cookbooks and small appliances stored in the living room:


Majority of kitchen boxes stored at the front of the living room behind the leather chairs:


Where we stored our everyday dishes for use during the reno (we really only needed two of everything…we no longer have a dishwasher, unless you count JT).


We’ve had to clean out the linen closet too…yes, there is NO ROOM UNTOUCHED. And we thought we were doing a kitchen and basement? HA!


This is the guest rooom, cleaned out and ready for pinning!


We’re dusty and we’re feeling a bit out of sorts. The house keeps getting smaller and smaller. I think this must be the universes way of really making us appreciate the new kitchen, like we wouldn’t have anyway!

George seems to have finessed best of both worlds for our beam dilemma – we’ve had to keep the return in the kitchen, but he’s got a full opening in the basement…so we’re back on track with the fireplace (IF we can afford it). Of course, we’ve been playing telephone tag all weekend, so we’re not 100% sure what’s going to happen on Monday, but he knows damn well he cannot do anything without verifying it with John & I.

The kitchen/dining mis-measurement also worked out. I spent some time reworking the cabinetry and came to a much better solution, very similar to what was there before…but now the powder room is an issue. We won’t have enough space for a regular-sized sink. We are actually considering moving the bathroom wall into the dining room to be able to put in a full size sink. This will mean we will have to redo some of the ancient crown molding around the ceiling. We have a friend in the plaster business and I am sure he would walk me through it…I am up for the challenge. But UGH.

George’s message said that the beams were going in on Tuesday or Wednesday (how many weeks ago did I first write THAT?). It’s a bit frustrating…but the light is at the end of the tunnel…hopefully.

Stay tuned for brawny men carrying a 750lb and 850lb beam into the house…I wouldn’t miss it for the world!