Yet another day of nothing…

Yet another day that nothing has happened construction-wise. We (me) are getting very annoyed. Apparently, everything is worked out with the beam, but then the beam had to be reordered, and delivery takes two days. Being project managers ourselves, we thought, well, maybe they could possibly doing the prep work for the beams??? Instead, they will wait until the beams arrive and then do the prep work. UGH.

So, today they say they are coming to make the cement forms for the pockets that hold up the beams. They will supposedly pour the cement. Tomorrow the beams arrive. Cement needs to set (paragraph one makes more sense now) and they plan to install the beams on Saturday.

George claims he will be able to catch up to the work plan…we are now two entire weeks behind.

In the meantime, JT and I needed to finish something in this mess we are living in, so we painted the shed we installed last year. The colours are the same as the colours for the new addition. We really love them.

In the shed painting process:


We lost the large lilac bush by the kitchen due to the reno…but our other lilacs are doing beautifully, and so fragrant.


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