The renovation is ALIVE…it’s finally alive!

Thursday, I came home to a flurry of activity. Front door open, George and our Lead Carpenter, Harry in the centre hall, a guy making a lot of noise in the old kitchen…I was VERY HAPPY to see this activity. After three weeks of nothing, finally the renovation is alive again! George thinks he will catch up the lost time easily…famous last words!

The kitchen revised layout is finally totally worked out re the incorrect measurement in the dining room and we’ve conquered the powder room issues (we’re making it 6″ wider into the kitchen for more elbow room and we’ll have to get some fancy shmancy teeny tiny designer sink, but we will have a powder room). Finally we can get on with it.

The beam has been ordered (again?) and now they are talking about a boom truck instead of brawny young men. Oh well. It will still be exciting. I hope now I can start posting photos more often.

I’m off on a vacation day today running around like a chicken with my head cut off – need to catch up since our weekends are so full.

We’ve finished painting the shed!

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