Happy Birthday Barbie!

It’s Friday June 1 and I’m off on a vacation day today running around like a chicken with my head cut off – need to catch up since our weekends are so full.

I started out early, 8am to Loblaws’ garden centre to pick up some plants for the urns out front. I was back by 9 for planting and was out of the house by 9:45 for my hair appointment. I was disappointed to find no one in the house working at 9:45.

I returned around 4pm after a day of running a-muck a-muck a-muck! Harry had just arrived. Someone had been around and did some additional prep work. We now have a doorway from the basement to the kitchen (remember where that little cabinet was just before you turned left to get to the front hall? THAT is a doorway!). That little return on the right will be lopped off. Harry stayed around until 6:15 cleaning up and organizing. They will be at the house 8am sharp on Saturday to prep for the beams (eta is Wednesday).


Here is the view from the kitchen going down (that space on the right where the molding sits is the future powder room!):


Friday night, Kevin generously invited us to dinner at Coppi’s to celebrate Barb’s 30th (well, if she is 30, then I am only 34, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). Carol surprised her from New Brunswick. Barb was thrilled. Here is a lovely photo of the group!


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