The prep work continues…at a snails pace!

Saturday June 2, Harry is here at 8am. He is on his own today, getting more organized and ready for tdb (the damn beam). On Saturdays he works only to noon, so he wants to get a lot done.

We had places to go, people to see. Our powder room needs a teeny tiny sink and we have lots of choice…we also had to meet with our kitchen guy Fadil.

Some sink choices:





We also stopped by a tile place to get an idea on costs. We know we would like subway tile, and I had originally thought of 2″ x 3″ tiles with a crackled glaze. The tile place has them and they are not out of this world, but then we saw tumbled marble. Gorgeous. It’s an antique white colour, minor pores, honed finish, also 2″ x 3″ and they look amazing. AND they are in the “outlet” area, so it’s even a better price! Both will be laid in the traditional brick pattern (I had considered the stacked linear pattern, but now I think it would be too modern for the house!)

This is my original thought:


This is what we are leaning toward:


Fadil has apparently purchased some of the wood for our kitchen. We were happy to see the inside cupboards will be a wood grain laminate and not the stark white that was originally quoted. This is photo of the wood for the boxes (taken with my new phone):


Upon our return, the baseboards in the guest room were removed, getting ready for pinning and there was a chunk of brick removed from the north side of the house, where the beam will be inserted by the boom truck. I can hardly wait until this is a distant memory.

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