We have beams!

TDB (the damn beams) have arrived. They are sitting unceremoniously on our front lawn. Apparently around 800lbs each! I tried to move one: they are damn heavy!

Todd was in all day on Wednesday preparing for TDBs and things are moving along (S L O W L Y). The one pocket on the garage side was prepared by Harry a day or two ago. The other pocket is ready for cement, and is waiting…it takes 48 hrs to cure…so you do the math…no beam install until next week. DAMN. DAMN. Did I mention, DAMN?

This is the pocket:

Todd started more demo, removing the wainscoting from the front hall for the bathroom door, and inside the kitchen…it’s funny as there was a doorway in this location originally! Ironically, there was also a doorway into the stairwell originally!

Todd found a brick, or rather this brick found him, it actually fell out of the wall onto his arm. The brick shows 1927, which seems to be the date the house was being built. Very cool!

Tonight is the Town Shoes Shoe-aholic contest which I entered a creative entry. The $5,000 of shoes is MINE! I will confirm tonight at 9:10pm! John and I have been invited as finalists to the Eaton Centre for the announcement. I am so excited!

Note added June 9: Well, I might as well come clean; I did not win. There I said it!

I was in a whole different class of creative…rap songs, videos, cake decorating and of course the old same old same old photos and [s]crap-booking.

It was an interesting event. Town Shoes at the Eaton Centre was decked out and all the creative entries were displayed. Some better than others. One guy, who was a runner up performed his rap song that was good enough to be an ad! The woman who won apparently slept outside the Eaton Centre store waiting for the spring launch (she won with a creative book entry).

The prizes turned out to be very misleading and (not to sound like sour grapes) but I would have been disappointed had I won. It turns out that the $5,000 is made up of a multidude of prizes, only a very small portion of shoe coupons – hair products, a stay at the Delta Chelsey (not one of the finer hotels in TO, I might add!), some costume jewelery and stuff like that! It seems that Town Shoes didn’t give away all that much; the runner’s up got $100 and $130 gift certificates from Town Shoes and other prizes in total about $500! Now WHAT is THAT about?

So, I had fun making my creative entry, and I had fun talking about it for a few weeks. Thank you for your patience and support!


I just won one of two BCBGs on ebay that I bid on last night! They just can’t crush the shoe-aholic in me!

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