A flurry of activity … again!

It seems every Friday we stir up some shit and presto, a flurry of activity happens. Nothing different about this past Friday. George sent us another draw request! Imagine the gall. We are now into 5 weeks of this beam fiasco and nothing major happened, and the damn guy wants money. John set him straight in a terse email. NADA, NOTHING, ZIPO until we see some significant progress on the project. That email went out at around 2pm Friday, and low and behold, a flurry of activity Friday evening! He will get it when the beam goes in and the wall comes down.

We escaped up north and it was lovely. The guys, Todd and company got what they were supposed to get done, pinning has been completed, the second pocket has been poured and has been allowed to set. The basement wall has been removed to the foundation in anticipation of the next steps. We expect the kitchen wall to come down today. The beam people are expected to put the beam in on Tuesday. I have to say, I will believe it when I see it.

These are the old basement cabinets:

This is the wall as of Friday:

This is the last time we’ll see “The Wall”:

This is the basement foundation wall (the wall that used to have the built in cabinets, and the closet you see was the wine cellar!)

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