Beam Day!

Well, it’s Tuesday June 12th, exactly 4 weeks and 4 days since our kitchen was removed and 4 week less one day since the beam was to be installed, the first time!


This is the position of the beams as of Tuesday June 12th. You might wonder, “Well, they seem to be in the same position as the day they were dropped off.” And you may think, “is this construction jargon for “installed”?”

We are scratching our heads too. What the heck excuse will we have NOW?!?!?!? I can see why couples might have ‘issues’ over a renovation. Fortunately, John and I have teamed together in anger and frustration with our contractor as opposed to against each other. As of last night, I am officially stepping away because I am so tired of being so angry. John handles it much better, I just yell and yell and swear at the contractor. I cannot believe how angry this experience makes me. From now on, John will handle the meetings, the telephone calls and even the yelling. I just can’t take it anymore.

On a slightly positive note, the wall has come down from main floor back of the house and the pinning is complete. This is what they mean by pinning (yes, it’s scary looking for us too):


You are looking at the guest room on the second floor, toward the back of the house, and the beams running across where the baseboard used to be is holding up the back wall of the house (there are posts in the basement and the kitchen on either side of the walls). I guess the guys had a lot of time yesterday (waiting for the beam to be installed) because they seem to have cleaned up the bricks they removed for the addition (which is nice, because now JT and I don’t have to do it)

I am having the cleaners in today. I’ve had it with the dirt. We keep things as tidy as we can, but the dirt is incredible. You cannot even walk bare feet because your feet become black with grit.

Tonight we visit our kitchen guy, Fadil. Team Wood (that is the name of their company) has finished our kitchen boxes to a point where we can stand in it in their studio and get a real sense of space. I will take lots and lots of photos. We are very excited to have this guy and his team make our kitchen, it will be totally amazing. He is so proud of his team and the quality they produce. This will definitely be a first class kitchen.

We bought our sink, now I am searching for faucets on ebay (man, they are expensive!) but then again, who thought a sink could be a focal point?


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