The Plight of TDB (the damn beam)

Well, it’s Thursday of the week where Tuesday was supposed to be the day (this time) that TDB was to go in. Still not in. What is the problem, you wonder (as do JT and I)? Well, this time, it seems the beam is too heavy to move. OK. Let’s recap:

1. Friday May 11 (as per plan) Kitchen is removed and beam is supposed to go in on Tuesday May 15. But there seems to be a problem. Apparently the structural engineer has the beam hanging down into the ceiling space in both kitchen and basement so now the size needs to be deliberated. What to do? What to do? After all, these drawing have only been completed since February. Surely that wasn’t enough time to figure out what to do. Should the beam hang down 10″ into the room, or should the engineer try to figure out a way to tuck the beam into the ceiling so it doesn’t hang down at all or very minimal. Engineer takes another week to figure it out. Possibly more than one engineer is consulted, although I believe nothing at this time.

2. Engineer specs beam to be 15′ wide 850lbs. George tries to find company to install beam. He finds this too expensive so he needs to look around. Another week or two or three. Why this step is left until the last minute is again beyond me!

3. Beam is finally ordered. We see the light (but don’t get too excited, it will be snuffed). Another week or two go by, while we wait for TDB. Meanwhile nothing really happens with the house, no one comes to do work. Every Friday just before our meeting there is a bit of activity, but other than that, nothing.

4. June 6th. TDBs are delivered, finally. That night men come by to inspect beam for installation and say to JT “oh my, beam too heavy, no way.” Men go away. That is the last we see of said men. Work somewhat continues inside in preparation for TDB installation, but not as quickly as one would think if it were to be installed anytime soon. TDB not installed anytime soon as indicated by George.

5. June 7 I leave nasty message on George‘s vmail. INSTALL THE F-IN beam already. Some swear words were used – a minor amount in comparison to later!

6. June 8 Weekly meeting, lots of action at the house. We meet new TDB installer in the new part of the kitchen. He explains in great detail HOW TDB will be installed (either that or he sells us some sheep not really sure, very heavy accent). Everyone is excited…a g a i n. Todd and company work through weekend preparing for TDB installation which is scheduled for June 12. No, really. Pockets are poured. Pinning happens and the back of the house is precariously sitting on a few steel rods. The excitement is mounting. Everyone is primed. No, really.

7. June 12. TDB-day comes and goes. Another week and no TDB installation. No one on the job site knows why it didn’t happen or can’t say. No, really.

8. June 12 pm I leave even nastier message on George ‘s vmail. Lots and lots of swear words. Not pretty. That night during a second bottle of wine, I give up my post in the reno and hand it over to John. it just makes me too angry and I don’t like that person (not to mention my father died of a massive coronary, and I don’t want to).

9. June 13 George sends email about why beam wasn’t installed…or did he? Believe it or not, it may be a little VAGUE. John actually speaks to George later in the day and lectures him about communication (this guy must be as thick as cement not getting this from all this time he’s had to work with us!!!). The new plan is to install a 12″ beam that will weigh only 500lbs. But this will hang down too much particularly in the basement – does this sound familiar?. JT suggests a 10″ beam to minimize the intrusion. George will look into it and get back to JT. New TDB-day is Friday June 15.

10. June 14 John leaves George another message. We have not had confirmation on the new installation date.

So here we are. June 14th. No word yet from George. There are still two 850lb beams sitting on our front lawn. Maybe I can sell them on ebay? They are worth quite a bit of money. Anyone interested, please call me at work.

Just keep reminding me how this will be a distant memory soon!

The Kitchen. We went to see Fadil with our new kitchen last night and WOW. That’s all I can say, WOW! It’s funny how space perception happens; when we first designed the addition, it seemed so HUGE. Then, I designed the layout for cabinetry, and then it seemed so small – how could we get everything we need in this teeny tiny space – what were we thinking! Well, the reality is now…and it’s H U G E (not the first time I’ve said that before!). The kitchen is spectacular! Fadil and Team Wood do outstanding work. The attention to detail is exceptional (for example the cabinetry above the fridge is for trays and baking sheets, the dividers actually pull out to make cleaning easier!) It will really be amazing, if ever it can be installed (HA!).

This is the pantry (left) and broom closet (we actually have a broom closet…never had one before!). You would have thought that I would need somewhere to store my transportation!

This is the view of the island where the bar stools will be. We are also looking at the kitchen window along the angled wall, sink directly in front.


This is just left of the sink, it is our recycling station!


This is the wall just right of the dining room. The peninsula is directly in front. The cabinet that is resting on the counter is actually the appliance garage (door is for example showing only the hinges, the wood is not the actual door front!) The left cabinets above the appliance garage are the two glass door cabinets (they are real actual maple throughout). The space just to the right of the cabinets will be the stove.


This is the island, viewed from the sink side. The prep sink will be going into the top of the last cabinet on the right (toward the top of the photo)


This is the china cabinet on the dining room side. It will be same counter height as the rest of the bottoms. In the distance you can also see the refrigerator cabinet, with the removable tray/cookie sheet storage (they made the dividers so you can take them out for cleaning and versatility!)


Fadil’s team wanted to make sure they fit the sink perfectly, so they asked us to pick it up early. John had that fun job (unbelievable experience, not in a good way! They couldn’t find the order…checked under Taylor, under Eva (I always enunciate the E on the phone) and under the sales girl’s name…nothing. It was under Ava! And surprisingly their system could not cross reference first and last names!!!)


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