The Beam is IN.

Kim and I popped home at lunch and…WOW, the beam has moved! The kitchen beam is sitting on the driveway…it’s not in yet, but at least we’re about 15 feet closer!



The Beam is finally in. 3 hrs, a handful of young strong men (damn, I missed it) and the beam is sitting exactly where it should, not hanging down to any major degree and holding up everything it is supposed to! It is a BEAUTIFUL sight!


Guy on right is Todd (ball cap), on red shirt is someone new (and JT’s shoulder at bottom right). The Beam is that beautiful piece of 500lb metal that the guy in the red shirt has his right hand on. Todd is actually showing us how little the beam hangs down in the new space in comparison to the existing ceiling. I am so happy, one might say I am BEAMING. Oh, sorry. Now I need a tini.


Hopefully the next few weeks will be fast and furious with work and blog updates.

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