More TDB prepping

Well, it’s now Thursday. You may ask, wasn’t this The Day that the basement beam was to be installed? And “yes” we would say, it surely WAS. Unfortunately, the prep work (removal of stone foundation, cement pocket making and such) seem to be more troublesome. It’s Todd this time, and he has indicated that it is indeed quite laborious work. He needs to be careful so the foundation doesn’t completely fall out, it’s kindly like straws (remember that game? you try to pull out a straw one by one and not disturb all the other straws?!).


Todd has now taken apart the stairs to the basement. He has also marked them clearly so we don’t happen to fall in.


Todd is a good guy. I really like his enthusiasm and energy. But I am disappointed in the lack of progress…at this rate maybe even a Christmas party is not realistic. Although, I would imagine George would want to be paid before then, and it ain’t gonna happen until it’s finished!

A lot of electrical has gone on. We’ve even made a few changes, and then some. So we do see things are happening. The cookies are almost all gone every night, and the coffee was put on. We’re on the second pack of water too…so they do come around! I will have to get out my whip next week!

John is doing a bang up job managing the project. He is firm with George and he gets results…I may have been a bit over the top. I like not having to deal with George…he really still infuriates me.

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