Basement Beam

It’s Sunday June 24 and the basement beam is still not in. Although Todd has been prepping and prepping and prepping. I guess I should be glad he is taking his time to be thorough, but I am anxious to get on with it.

The guest room is still not finished as there is patching to do and re attaching the heater (which they had to remove for the pinning) and there will be plumbing (the vent for the new powder room). So, the upstairs is still in a flux. Damn.

The soapstone counter is a bit closer in getting ordered. Fadil made up a measured layout of the finished kitchen (yes, finished) but he forgot to include where the stove and sinks are…so the quote is a bit whacked! And when JT and I were laying out the island template to locate the pendants, we noticed a discrepancy in one of the measurements…we truly have the curse of the tape measure! Shall we recap?
1. Idiot cad person (ICP) arbitrarily moves wall 20″ into the kitchen and no one notices because ICP forgot to include the original wall as a dotted line (did I mention, Idiot?)
2. Sink window was incorrectly marked as 36″ instead of 30″ on several drawings to the point where kitchen guy almost started (we noticed this and mentioned it about a billion and a half times).
3. Dining room wall is moved back into actual position (we didn’t want to move it because dining room has plaster crown molding and we didn’t want to disturb it), now we don’t have enough space for bank of drawers, so kitchen designer makes suggestions. At this time, JT and I decide to add an extra 6″ to the width of the powder room and lop off 6″ from the peninsula.
4. Surprise, somewhere along the line it is discovered that a return is required for TDB (the damn beam) beside the pantry. Kitchen designer redraws again and we lose the cook book shelves.
5. Kitchen guy calls that there is not enough space on the left of the window for the dishwasher…what? another measure that is wrong? So, kitchen guy moves dishwasher to right side (oddly enough, the drawings show that there is not enough space on the right of the window, but actual measurements show that there IS). Could this be for real?
6. Kitchen is completed according to actual measurements – all paper plans are discarded.
7. In measuring for the pin lights, Todd notices that the sink window is actually 6″ too far toward the dining room…OH MA GOH…here is the problem. The idiot framers actually put the window in the wrong place. There is a panic, kitchen guy comes out, confirms that the actual kitchen was made with actual measurements of the kitchen and not to the plans. Todd does not move the window. We all breath a sigh of relief.
8. Kitchen guy comes out again with templates of the kitchen layout to confirm that it will fit. It does. He leaves island template so JT and I can figure out where exactly it will sit and where the pendants need to go (as well as plumbing for the prep sink).
9. Kitchen guy also prepares a linear of the footprint for the counter guy to give George a quote. JT and I use this linear to place island. Oh…can you see where I am going? Yes, there is another incorrect measurement on this plan. Now, it could be just a typo…but can you believe it?

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