The progress of TDB (basement)

I would like to say that the beam has gone in today. But sadly, I cannot. The beam is still unceremoniously sitting on our front lawn, embedding itself into the grass. I think John will be sad when it is installed…it has been such a source of conversation in the hood.

It’s been wildly hot. The next few days will be 40+ with high humidity. I leave the guys water on ice (and cookies too). It must be awful working outside in this heat!

Today, Todd made more progress. The hold-up now seems to be the beam people themselves…Todd needs a longer pin so that he can support the second floor wall until the beam is installed. Support is good. We wait for the beam people. Todd feels optimistic (he is young) that he will hopefully, maybe install TDB in the basement tomorrow, directly after the pinning happens. But if the pinning cannot happen because the beam people don’t show up (like today), then it’s another day. And the plumber cannot work until the basement beam is installed (you see, an up to date work plan may have allowed people to manage this without looking like they really can’t!)

George apparently went on a weekend course on how to manage people. We were supposed to meet with him at 5:30 (our weekly meeting) . What did he learn? Well, apparently not much…he sent John an email saying he cannot make the meeting. No call, no reschedule, just cannot make it, please meet withTodd. Of course, he cannot yell at Todd, as Todd is not George. Well spend time and money George!!!

Other things are moving along…s l o w l y. Anthony the electrician seems to work very systematically but slowly. He has installed almost all the speaker wire and the category 6 cable for the sound system. I have photos showing all the hanging wires.

Powder room wiring:


Speaker wire in dining room corner


This is the speaker wire switch in the dining room, which will have to move since it was not put in the correct place!


This is the basement, more concrete work to hold up wall (this is a good thing)


More wiring taking place in the basement. And they have dug the trench for the new drains.


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