Long Weekend July 1

Monday, July 2, 2007

On Friday we arrived home early (yipee, long weekend!) to find that there wasn’t much done at all. How disappointing. They did remove almost all of the foundation stone to the driveway, which I imagine was a lot of hard work.

It’s the long weekend, so even though Todd said he would be in, he didn’t show up, which also was not unexpected. John and I went up north on Friday evening to escape it all. I didn’t call Todd to see if he was working…even though I really really wanted to! I am sure we’re not alone in our frustration, but the most disappointment is when they say something and it doesn’t happen!

Saturday morning at the cottage, we awoke to find our hot water heater not working. The outside temperature had cooled down and it was going to be stormy cold weekend (good call, weatherman…NOT!). We had the heat on almost all weekend. What fun, cold temperatures and no hot water.


Brian, Laura, Arin and Jamie were all up north too, as were Dad, Mary, Joan and Dan. It was Dad’s first time up this year since the shingles, and he was pretty wobbly. John and I got a lot done…John installed two great little lights on the porch and an outlet, some great solar lights on the path to the Upper Deck and I sewed a summer dress (it’s been at least a couple of years since I sewed myself something). Our luxurious long weekend turned into a cold, and hot-water-less time. But, at least I could sit down without having white dust all over my clothes!

We socialized quite a bit with family and on Monday morning the weekend concluded that we drive home to our mess to shower in hot water. The drive was relatively good, we arrived home before two to find an unknown van in the driveway. The plumbers are here…and guess what? The water is shut off…the universe is testing us!

I had planned to do laundry and of course, shower (last shower was a nasty cold one on Saturday!!!) but no luck. So here I am blogging. The plumbing is progressing nicely…we are just so happy that there are people working! (see how that works? they wear you down until you are so frustrated you think you have nothing left, and then, they show up in a flurry, shut off your hot water on a GD long weekend, and YOU’RE JUST SO DAMN HAPPY AND GRATEFUL they are at least working! Amazing, isn’t it?)