Some more progress

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The plumbers finished off around 7pm on Monday night. They said they were done, but they forgot to install water and drains to the island, which is not great. They will also need to come back to install the water for the hose outside.

On Tuesday morning, Anthony, the electrician showed up this morning to do some more electrical outside, but he cannot work on the basement until it is framed. It all really needs to be so carefully orchestrated, and Todd is doing a great job, but I still have to wonder how they can make money – things get done, redone moved and redone again…trades are in, called back and recalled! I guess the margins must be high enough that there is room to do this. But imagine how much more can be made if there is an actual work plan! Oh well. Todd is actually one of the more astute guys we’ve met and I am very glad to have him on our project. I feel taken care of (even if some of it is spin!)