Activity is good!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I am pleased to report (although with hesitation) that the reno is moving along (did I say that out loud?). The plumber was called back to plumb the island and move some plumbing a bit (nothing like doing the same work 2-3 times, it just wouldn’t feel right otherwise). Todd and Brett have been great (did I say that out loud too?) although I do think that we are a bit of a challenge to them. Our timing is very tight with no thanks to George, without whom we would have completed the reno by now.

John is picking up the powder room sink tonight so we can confirm that the plumber must move plumbing yet again (see above about doing things 2-3 times). If they had told us we needed the sink sooner, we would have gotten it…but, need I go there?

What’s next, well, the meeting last night uncovered these results:

Windows Wednesday?

Drywall kitchen/powder room this week Thursday.

Kitchen flooring – weekend?

Pour basement floor – weekend?

Kitchen delivery w/o July 9 (yup, that is next week)

Finish window installation early next week.

Framing basement early next week.

Counter delivery w/o July 16th.

Drywall basement – finish by July 31.

So you can see the urgency. The counter is the drive as they have a 5 week booking date, so if we miss the w/o the 16th, we’re screwed for 5 more weeks…which neither George, Todd nor John or I would like. George claims he will be done by the end of July. Better be.