Drywall, taping and such

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Todd and Brett had spent most of the day Wednesday and Thursday putting up the vapor barrier getting ready for the drywall. They were working until after 7pm to get it done on Wednesday. With all the hassles we’ve had, I am very glad to have these two guys working on our project.



A good portion of drywall went up Friday, and there was a lot of patching done where holes were made throughout the house. We are very pleased with the quality of work, and how quickly Todd is coordinating.

The window guy canceled the meeting again. This lack of interest is totally unbelievable to me. I know if I ever treated one of my customers this way, they would not tolerate it and leave the business. These renovation trades truly have the customers by the balls, in the most unethical and unbelievable way! It’s extremely frustrating.

Here are some more photos of the progress. We are concentrating on the kitchen, which has the deadline for the counter tops.


The skylight needs to be cut out, as do most of the pin lights.


We have windows…the drama continues!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

We came home tonight and Todd and Brett were busy insulating. Windows arrived and were installed today (as planned?). Todd had to rush to get the outside covered and taped up (I’m guessing someone (George) didn’t tell anyone that the windows were actually coming today!).

Here are the windows:


Now, ordinarily I would be thrilled with excitement. But.

Now wait for it…


The windows are WRONG. In fact, I don’t think they could have been made more WRONG, other than if the actual size was wrong. No, I stand corrected, the colours are right, but that’s about it. These windows above should have been two individual windows in each hole. The top dividers should have been tall instead of wide and the screens should not have gone all the way to the top. And the grills should have both been on the outside of the glass not inside the two pieces. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

We called George (actually John did). George had the window guy call us right back. I called the window guy. Maybe some yelling happened. Maybe some swearing. What on earth happened? “Well” said the window guy, “they said they couldn’t do them the way you wanted, so they did them this way.”

“Oh,” I said, with a few adjectives “and did you call us to let us know?” Un-F’ing believable! We are meeting with the window guy this evening (and maybe George, although we don’t know for sure, as usual). Now I have really good drawings (apparently the last few meetings with detailed discussions were not good enough).

The photos are a lot more attractive than the windows actually are. Consider that these wide ones are almost 48″ wide, can you imagine trying to open a window 48″ wide from across a desk? Un-F’ing believable!

This is what they should have looked like:


Because their grills look so bad, we have decided to omit them on the next round, so the new windows will be plain on top (actually the original windows in the back of the house are this way anyway, so it really plays into the historical integrity!)

On a much more positive note, the plumbing is done…note that the drain must move closer to the floor to allow the china cabinet to sit at a reasonable height (2-3 time rule!)


Drains for the powder room from below:


Kitchen sink drain and water:


Drains tying into the basement floor drain:


The speaker wires are also done! Todd will make a nice neat hole in the living room for the wires to pop up into the stereo cabinet.