Work done on Saturday

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Everyone came through on Saturday! We had Todd, Brett and Mark and two drywall guys! They got a lot done! Even the beam welders were there (they were the first to show up around 8:45ish!). The space look AMAZING. The drywall really allows it to take shape. Todd was able to finish off the return so the drywall guys could do their magic. It really looks great.

Todd removed the plastic from the dining room in anticipation of finishing those walls on Monday. This has really opened up the space. WOW. The bathroom wall is not yet done, but it’s not entirely necessary for the receipt of the kitchen so we’re not too worried (although it would be nice to be done at the same time). I’m standing in the middle of the dining room when I shot this (note the rad is just there temporarily, it’s waiting to be put into the living room!)


I am standing in the dining room just where the peninsula will be.


We also received our third (and hopefully final) dumpster late last week. We weren’t expecting it so I didn’t have time to get John a parking permit. John has already two $30 tickets … UGH.