Another GREAT day!

I can hardly believe how quickly things are progressing. I am absolutely ecstatic when I come home at night and see the progress on the house. Today, Todd finished the prep work on the basement floor, very hard work moving the gravel, leveling it out for the cement (well, it seem like it was hard work, as I watched!!!). Wednesday or Thursday they will pour the cement floor.

The drywall in the kitchen is all but done (this humid weather is not helping much). The plumbing also was finalized in the powder room, which allowed them to finish off the drywall.


Todd and Brett were home when both JT and I arrived, so it was great to see them again and talk about their accomplishments on the house. This is Todd…he is a bit tired from the heavy labour today, and the heat (about 37°C) – as well, you can see how happy both guys were that I took their photo! You can thank me later, guys!


This is Brett. I think the heat really got to him today, we didn’t get close enough to confirm, but he claimed to be a little ripe tonight!


The humidity put these little ghostly dots on the photo!


This is what our guests will see from the new bed! Imagine a gas fireplace (or if JT has his way, a 42″ flat panel TV…guess who will win that one???? It may depend on the number of shoes I will purchase in the next month or so!


Todd also finished the cement support where they had to remove the wall for pinning. This is directly beside the back door.


Anthony, the electrician, has started putting in the actual lights in the kitchen (not hooked up, though).


Powder room corner plumbed and drywalled.


This is what you will see standing at the prep sink facing the back.


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