Could it get ANY WORSE? I’m askin’ ya? Could it?

It’s Saturday morning, and we just picked up a message Todd left us last night…it seems that the floor finisher guy doesn’t think he could match the stain perfectly enough from the dining room to the kitchen (because the floor continues with no threshold), so we have to move everything out of the dining room so he could sand and finish it the same as the new kitchen. Now, you may think “that should be no problem”, but least you forget that WE HAVE NO MORE ROOMS LEFT. Now we have lost our dining room, living room, kitchen, guest room, office (which now acts as an office and a make shift kitchen), and half the master bedroom (storage), and all of the basement (even the furnace room has storage of stuff). I really want to cry.

Check out Taylor self-storage, no really (this is our living room, Sarah Richardson would be proud):




This is the dining room, JT is checking out the leftover wood floor before the floor finishing guy arrived.


Floor finishing guy arrived and he took over. We left. Upon our return the first time, he had just finished sanding and boy did it look great. Unfortunately, we had just missed Todd. Then we left again and upon our second return around 3:30ish, he was just finishing up with the first coat of urethane.


This is a photo which incorporates both old varnished and newly stained and varnished floors. Not bad match! I guess he could have just done the kitchen.


I’ve been thinking about our upstairs oasis for a long time now, but it’s been a “it’ll be finished soon” so it never got done.  But today was the last straw, our living room slash dining room was obliterated with all the dining room furniture…so now we have nowhere to eat (and we’re off this week!). I became inspired and we set up our upstairs deck oasis…call it a cocktail lounge, but we’ll also be having breakfast here for the next week or so. Well, it is time for a tini, so off I go. Good night all. Tomorrow I shall post photos of our day with Jack at Nascar! Then I will need 2-3 martinis. Cheers!


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