Friday, July 13, yes, it’s Friday the 13th!

Considering it is Friday the 13th, things are going remarkably well (did I say that out loud?). Weather is still fantastic…great for flooring finishing!


I rode again and it’s unbelievably exhilarating. When the gods of wind aren’t against me, I can make it to work in about 20 minutes, which is about 10 minutes less than last year! And now that they’ve put in showers at work, it makes it all that much nicer for my colleagues!

We grabbed a quick beer with the guys when we got home and I snapped a couple of shots (they look a bit happier about these photos) – I am not supposed to post the ‘bad’ ones…thanks guys, you’re good sports about my blog!



We had dinner at Bymark with Rae and Mon for Summerlicious. It was fantastic. I have to admit, I was expecting to be rushed through like we were at Ultra Supper Club (the old Bamboo on Queen West), but we were not. The food was exceptional and service was pretty good too. They weren’t that busy, which is likely why we were not rushed! after a great meal, we went upstairs (which happens to be street level) to their patio, which was totally cool – sofas, coffee tables, it’s like sitting in your back yard. It was a bit nippy but they had those fabulous heaters which made such a difference to Mon and I!

The guys worked wonders with the flooring – it looks amazing. They stayed until after 8pm on a Friday night to finish so that Saturday morning the sanding and staining guy could work his magic! Thank you!



I guess this is the time during the reno that the light at the end of the tunnel is so blinding that you tend to forget about the bad crap that happened previously (good thing I have this blog to remind me!!!) Actually (this is where it gets mushy, so if you’re weak in the stomach, skip this paragraph) if it wasn’t for Todd and Brett, we would have made extreme efforts to forget this entire experience, but because the guys are conscientious, dedicated and are really nice guys, this part has turned into a great experience for a memory! Thanks guys. You really have no idea how much of a difference it has made for us!

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