July 12, 2007

The progress is quite evident today…there was a HUGE cement truck in our driveway when I got home tonight…they are pouring the basement floor. Poor Todd seemed so frustrated, everything arrived late today, cement was supposed to be hours earlier (plant broke down) the equipment for the wood floor installation arrived late etc etc etc.


They did finish the drywall taping and sanding! The basement floor was poured and leveled(?) and of course, we signed it! JT wouldn’t let me put a little heart beside it. This November, we will have known each other 28 years! Don’t know how that could be, since I am only 27!


Todd and Brett stayed late to get a bit of a start on the floors (photo below).


JT and I went out to get paint samples…YIKES what a job that is! This is one part I really hate…selecting the paint colours. Yes, I know it’s only paint, but the actual painting is the crappy part, particularly if the colour is wrong and you have to do it again (JT and I are painting).

We’re thinking about a dark rich burgundy, red or chocolate for the dining room, a creamy colour for the kitchen and a taupe for the ceiling in the kitchen (possibly the dining room!) I don’t know about these colours…


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