Sunday July 15

Monday, July 16, 2007


Today we took Jack (my 7 year old nephew) to Nascar at Vaughan Mills Mall. It turns out he’s been there before, which was a tad disappointing, but at least I knew in advance that he really liked it.

We had lunch first (hot dogs, burgers nachos, not exactly healthy, but definitely kid friendly). Tickets in hand, we head out to the track to ‘start our engines.’ Well, this WAS an experience. We waited nearly an hour to take part. And not because there were hundreds of people in line ahead of us, no, only about 25! It’s because everything seems to be so unbelievably painful to do…I’m not kidding each round takes about 15 minutes to get everyone in their cars and ready to go, then you race for about 15-20 minutes. These are some waiting photos. For 7 years old, he certainly was a good sport about it. But, we had to get some silly shots…



Poor Jack just missed the height requirement to race his own car. This is the sadness shot after we figured out that he couldn’t even reach the pedals without sliding down all the way in the seat. Auntie Eva had to drive (the stiff facade easily came down to show what a total maniac I can be. I couldn’t let my nephew down). He was pretty quiet the entire race…scared to death or just really sad?!?!?!?


I felt so terrible for him. He sat with me in the car. During the wait, he was telling me about a technique he uses for a video racing game, something like “sliding turn”. The idea is that you put full gas on, slam on the breaks and turn, then you slide into the turn and not really lose too much momentum. So, since he couldn’t drive himself, I used this technique…boy did it work. We really motored (the cars go about 25 km max.). Needless to say, Jack and I won the race. John passed 5 cars to get to us, but couldn’t pass us (highly skilled maneuvering on my part!). I definitely want to go back and race on the adult track!


After the race, we went inside to play arcade games, or more realistically, to teach the child how to gamble. Wow…that was totally weird. It’s not like the old arcade games where you had to have some skill, nope, you just drop in your $0.27 chip and wait for the ‘tickets’ to spew out of the bottom. You really can’t even tell how much you’re going to win, until the tickets finish coming out. You can exchange these tickets for prizes (that’s disappointing too..we had about 470 points, which amounted to a hatching snake egg, a rubber nascar bracelet, a candy treat, a plastic slinky and for Annie (Jack’s sister) a beautiful plastic ring and a mini pink frisbee!).

We then went to Pro Bass, a very cool American sporting goods shop. Now these people know how to market…it is simply beautiful! It’s a giant (and I mean giant) log cabin with a huge stone fireplace at the entrance, then all over there are things to see that’s not just merchandise…a hanging full size airplane, full size installations hanging on walls, etc. It is really a place to see! They even have a fantastic aquarium at the front (made of rock and glass) that is home to several varieties of fish found in Ontario!

We ended the day by taking Jack home and had a fantastic BBQ at my brother’s place. It was a lovely day.