We took the contractor’s sign off the lawn today.

Well, that actually sounds a bit quiet and serene. NOT. If I’d had an axe, it would have been in shreds by now. There might have been some screaming and swearing – really loud, and swearing. And screaming.

Remember the electrical panel? JT and I had to contract our own electrician to do the job. We had to move the meter too (Ontario Hydro dictates this). Our electrician took out the appropriate permits, and started to work (it was supposed to be one day, but it’s turned into day 4!) Yesterday, as our electrician should have, he called the inspector. Do you see it coming? In seeing the reno, inspector says…wait for it…

“What’s this?” Electrician says, I don’t know, I am just doing the panel and meter. Inspector says “are the home owner’s home?” I heard this through the window and went out to meet him. Then the shit hit the fan. It seems the contractor didn’t take out an electrical permit to do the addition. “WHAT?” The inspector wants to see the work…but it’s all dry-walled and taped! OH MY F’IN GOD. When I think we’ve been through the worst, then this. Also, it turns out that Anthony, the electrician working for George is not a Master Electrician (he has a license that allows him to work for a master electrician and definitely George is NOT – Anthony is apprenticing). It seems also that only a master electrician can take out a permit (it means that the master electrician is ultimately responsible for the work). OH MY GOD. What George likely does is hire a licensed electrical contractor when he needs a permit and gets them to sign off.

Inspector is doing his job. He’s at our place for over an hour. I am fuming. JT called that so and so a few times, he never did show up. We hear that he’s scrambling to get a permit (two damn months after the work is done). UN-F’IN BELIEVABLE! The inspector says that he has seen Anthony the electrician’s work before and he says it is good work. He checks things and looks at bathroom which is still not dry walled. Anthony has to explain in detail each plug and switch and light. Inspector says a bit overkill on some (better than less). Inspector tells Anthony to make a few changes, Anthony will comply when/if he is allowed to work again. Inspector makes out a VIOLATION notice – we have to post it in a visible place. George is in BIG trouble. There will be fines and possible jail time. We can only hope. Electrical inside can only continue when the appropriate permits have been issued. Inspector signs off on the kitchen. Thank you! Thank you! Inspector is back today to sign off electrical panel.

This is likely what happened. No master electrician will work with George. These electricians seem* to be a highly ethical group (*the hand is quicker than the eye). It is the master electrician who personally takes responsibility for the permits, therefore it is “their name, their family” they are jeopardizing (from a conversation with one of the electricians). George seems to have cost disagreements. It seems that George could not find a master electrician to work with him and the work started in May. We needed extra electrical (and don’t forget that it was George who pushed US to do this. If he had been an ethical businessman, the panel would have been included in the estimate) so we hired our own electrician. Our electrician took out all the appropriate permits. Our electrician called the inspector to inspect. When George finally did call back, he said “the inspector came out too early, he should have come tomorrow!” WHAT? That sneaking, conniving SOB. I am SO glad this happened. I hope the ESA will fine his butt off. Electrical work on the addition is stopped until WE SEE THE PERMITS.

I also have a call into the building inspector to confirm that the other permits are being done correctly.

Todd was sick again today. He called on his way to the doctor. I asked him to call back and we’ll decide what to do after the appointment. I didn’t get a call (but then the electricity was off all day, so no answering machine) I had my cell on all day – no call. Although disappointing, he finished almost everything in the kitchen to allow the installation on Thursday. Kitchen was delivered Wednesday, it seems beautiful (it’s piled in the dining room). The installer said the additional flooring under the cupboards would be good. JT and I do it. We’ve done flooring before, but not without electricity. We put the flooring together like a puzzle (I’ll post photos when we get the damn hi speed back). We also finished most of the painting. The dining room will require a second coat, but that will be easy. I love the colours (rich taupe with a touch of yellow for the dining room, and a lighter version for the kitchen and even lighter for the ceiling (I did not want white). The kitchen looks like café au lait! YUM!

Kitchen installation is happening today.

It’s Thursday, and I still have no DSL. I am posting this using dial-up which is simply unbearable.

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