It’s Saturday and they are working!!

Still working through the dialup…photos added from work.
It’s the day before my birthday, 8:30am on a lovely Saturday morning and there is a flurry of activity in the house. Cabinet guys are back and they are ready to install the uppers. I can hardly wait. The kitchen is really coming along, and it looks amazing. I keep having to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. I truly regret my Mom will not be able to see it. We would have had such good times cooking together. Not sure if it’s the stress of the reno, or my birthday (tomorrow) but I am surely missing her so much these days. There were a few issues with the uppers’ measurements so they could not finish…Monday???? The Toddster has promised plumbing by Wednesday (apparently the plumber won’t come out until the powder room is ready to be plumbed!)


Todd and his cousin Terry came in today to get a head start on the basement (putting up the vapor barrier in the basement, cutting a hole in the house for the hood fan in the kitchen, time consuming but necessary stuff). They stayed ‘till after 4pm – he is a good guy, we are glad he is on our project!
JT was trying to get the Nuvo stereo system working. We’ve confirmed that it does indeed work a few times by hooking up speakers and the ipod to it, but now it’s in the walls and we’re having an issue…I’m sure he’ll figure it out. It’s quite a complicated system using category 6 cables (similar to DSL) – each room has a control panel from which you are able to control each component you add (CD player, tuner, Ipod etc.). The main amplifier/controller allows each room to be controlled separately, so in one room, you could have the Ipod going, the other the CD player! We likely won’t use it to that degree (but if you had kids, this system would be great!). I am excited about it because you are able to control sound individually in each zone/room!
I was outside cleaning up the bricks for next week (Maddy the brick layer was in on Friday to get a sense of what needs to be done – he has time Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – strange how they cannot say a specific date!). I’ve done several options for the brick heights in Photoshop and I think we’ve decided on 10 high. (insert photo).
John is taking me to The Fifth for my birthday dinner tonight. I got reservations in Summerlicious again and it’s at 9:30, so they likely won’t rush us since we are the last sitting. It’s down on Adelaide on the 5th floor above a club.

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