The countertops go in

I still don’t have my high speed internet connection. I am VERY frustrated. Who would have thought I am so dependant on this stupid connection.

Thursday, the cabinet guys arrived to install the bottom cupboards (due to the fact that we have a couple of cupboards extending all the way to the counter, we could not install the uppers until the counter was installed!). Unfortunately, there was an error and they had to go back to the shop to fix it. They will arrive at 7am Friday to finish installing so that the soapstone guy could install all day Friday.






Friday and there is a lot of activity at the house. Cabinet guys are completing the base cabinets.

Soapstone guys arrive a bit early (they are from Ottawa and came down last night). Cabinet installers are still working. We chat with the guys (father, son and family friend). They are very nice people. They wait and wait for the cabinet guys to finish.
Once done, they take over the kitchen. The installation takes all day. I am very glad we are around as there are several issues we need to take care of and decide upon. It will be lovely.


The island is a little larger than we anticipated…mainly due to the doors adding extra inches, the over hang adding extra inches, nothing we cannot live with, but had we had a real kitchen designer (oh, did I not mention that the kitchen designer isn’t really a kitchen designer?) we would not have had these issues! It will still be very beautiful.
Todd is on his own again today. I don’t know where Brett is, but he is not here (I guess George doesn’t think we need to finish this sooner than later). Todd is not feeling very well still…a summer cold, which is really crappy. But he is a trooper and is working hard. The basement is framed and almost insulated (insert photo), and Anthony (who now legally is permitted to work here, with all electrical permits taken out) is working hard to electrify the basement as per plan. It’s all coming together.
George is still conspicuously absent. It is MIND NUMBING that he hasn’t felt the need to come over to console this last major blowout (electrical permits). But I haven’t been able to access email, so who knows what’s going on there! I am posting this from dialup and it’s pretty slow to say the least. Photos were posted several days later from work.

The soapstone guys finish at 7:30 pm. Todd stayed behind to catch up, then left shortly after. Barb and Kevin kindly invited us to dinner which is great…I have no more energy. I need a vacation!



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