It’s my birthday today!

Monday, July 23, 2007

John generously got me a GPS, so I cannot complain about getting lost again. I am so terrible with directions, I can get lost if I close my eyes and turn around. Although, the city is not too bad (as long as I know which direction the lake is, I am OK). It will be one of those things that seem useless until that one day when I’m driving around like a maniac trying to figure out how to get there from here!

Today we worked out the sound system situation. The instructions were vague at best. JT and I running up and down the stairs finally got everything in order – now we need speakers! The Cat 6 cable in the dining room was faulty and we had to re thread it through the house…that was fun – NOT! But we did it without cutting more holes in the house than there already were. We’re all set.

I still have no DSL service. I will try to upload photos from work…these are the really exciting ones….kitchen with appliances etc. It is fantastic! Photos uploaded from work…




Todd built us lovely stairs to the basement so no more circus acrobatics carrying laundry downstairs!!! I am VERY HAPPY. 5 months ago, I would have said a tennis bracelet would have made me this happy, but now, it’s definitely stairs! Too bad I can‘t wear them on my wrist!