Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…still no internet at home, in fact, no dial-up either! What fun!

Friday, July 27, 2007

I haven’t been able to get the internet connection working still, although I’ve been on the telephone with Bell Sympatico for I’m guessing over 4 hours in total, UGH. Although the last guy on Tuesday morning had the sexiest Spanish accent – I could barely understand him but he did persevere! I got a call Wednesday night to see if the issues were resolved – can you believe that, THEY CALLED ME?!?!?! Something major is going on with the machine…seems to be software related. I think I may have to take it in to one of those ‘nerds’ for a look! Very frustrating.

It’s Thursday July 26, 2007 today and hopefully the kitchen is being finished (except for a few minor details, like the handles and pulls!). Todd drywalled the basement yesterday and it’s looking very promising…eta 2-2.5 weeks? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can hardly wait to get the house back.

The windows are still a huge issue. It seems that the manufacturer hasn’t really entered the correct order to replace the original incorrect designs. It’s a little vague because when JT peppered him with questions, he answered different lies to same questions each time. It is extremely disappointing. This will be huge.

The stress is becoming unbearable. I am a nervous wreck, so many issues to resolve, and it doesn’t help who we are dealing with. The man has lied to us so many times that it’s impossible to believe anything he says and we’re now conditioned to be defensive no matter what – it is really horrible. The positive side is that I am not gaining any weight even though we’re not eating as healthy nor are we working out, and we may be indulging in a glass or 10 of wine! It’s really so disappointing…this experience didn’t have to be this way. Earlier this week JT and I almost decided to sell the house after it’s done…THAT is how bad this experience has made us feel. I suspect in a few months we’ll be dining with you (our close friends) and perhaps not laughing about it, but at least being able to remember it without an anxiety attack (and hopefully my hair will stop falling out!)! I am wishing the time away.

Hydro called me today, it seems that they are finally replacing the electric meter outside. Yahoo, or NOT. We’ve been getting free electricity since the meter was moved (1 week?) it’s all a blurrrrrr to me.

Todd has a wedding to go to this weekend, so he is not in Friday. We’re heading up north so the timing is not too bad. It’s a shame we lose another day, but Todd has been working hard at our place to it’s well deserved. We haven’t seen Brett for some time…it’s a shame too, because the rapport that Todd and Brett had seem to have made it a good work environment for them. I guess one guy working twice as hard/long is cheaper than two guys…or another client is more of a pain in the ass than we are (go figure). Hi Brett, hope you’re enjoying your new clients!

We had a meeting with the contractor yesterday. USELESS. Nothing we already didn’t know was discussed. This type of client hand-holding is a LITTLE LATE buddy. It seems that he is somewhat committed to the new windows but I will believe it when I see it. It’s so disappointing…this experience did not have to be this way.

Paul and T have confirmed that they are coming up the Labour Day weekend – I am very excited to see them – we need our Doran fix!!! I really hope we will be able to get everything done in time for them…I so want everything to be perfect!

Well, I probably won’t post anything until Monday-ish as I have no internet (I feel so lost). So don’t use email if you want to get a hold of us…it ain’t gonna happen, try the old fashioned route…the telephone.