Monday July 30, 2007

Monday, July 30, 2007


We had a great weekend with Rae and Mon. We arrived shortly before 10:30pm on Friday night, unpacked (damn solar lights didn’t light up the path!) and had our traditional martini on the porch. How lovely it was. Again, we had the most beautiful moon – almost full, I would say. It was so muggy, we had to turn the air-conditioner on… but we had a great sleep!

Friday night had a great moon…here are a couple of lousy images, but you get the idea:



It was so nice to be able to walk around in bare feet, and not worry about everything I touched being dirty and grimy!


Saturday morning Rae and Mon arrived just before noon in time for lunch! We filled our time just catching up, playing a few new games and paddle boating/canoeing. Mon was searching for some driftwood for her girls, as they are participating in decorating some common areas at school. We even went for a spin around the lake in the boat! The weather started out muggy and overcast, but broke in the afternoon, turning into a glorious day.



Sunday, we all left after lunch. The trip home was fine. (note the photos are from last fall I think!)

The plumber did work on the weekend, and plumbed our main sink and prep sinks. He did not plumb the powder room, so I guess he’ll have to come back. Our beautiful faucet on the main sink has a problem with the hot and cold handles, so I called Moen this morning and they will be sending me replacement handles within a week…wow, they didn’t even ask where I bought them. THAT is customer service. The kitchen guys had been in on Friday and STILL have not finished. Each day gets closer and closer…the electrician was doing some work until 6pm on Friday too!

We figured out how much back splash we’ll need so I will be picking that up on Wednesday. It’s a traditional 2″ x 3″ off white subway tile, with a slight crackle finish (it’s exactly the one I spotted at Le Select Bistro, so I am very very happy!) It’s surface isn’t 100% flat either, it has a sort of hand made feel!


I am really really really hoping to have this done by the weekend…so we could at least move back into the kitchen, and dining room therefore liberating the living room, and office!

The internet is still down. I have now reinstalled Sympatico 3 times…tonight I am going to resolve this even if it takes all night. I have done some additional research on the problems and am hoping that I can resolve it without being on the phone for 6 hours!