Tuesday July 31, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It’s the last day of July…we are exactly 35 days behind schedule. The kitchen guys didn’t come in on Monday, so nothing more was done. The electricians seem to have finished off most of the work (task lighting and display lighting is now installed – I’ll talk about THAT later!). Todd did a little bit of this and that…installed the stove exhaust fan (wow!), finished drywalling the basement and got 2 or 3 more rounds of mud all over it. It’s nice to see the progress, particularly with a smile! The basement looks amazing, he’s really done a nice job with limiting the little juts in and out of drywall, making it look really polished. The centre hall is a bit of pain, the thickness of the plaster is a little different than that of the new drywall, so Todd is layering so that it looks like it should (yes, Todd and not the drywalling guy, Matty – again…where the hell is everyone? Not that we don’t like Todd, but he COULD USE SOME HELP).

Did I mention that we have a mouse? Well, today I should say “had”. JT bought a couple of old fashioned mouse traps yesterday and we put out some really good Quebec cheddar and splat. I always hate killing the mice but this one was a bitter sweet as its name was George B (well, I personally don’t kill them, nor do I dispose of them, as you may have guessed). I hope there was just the one. The one at the cottage is a little smarter, we’ve been trying to catch him for over a month now (but realistically, we only put the traps out when we are there, otherwise, it could be a little stinky when we don’t go up for a month!). The good news is that the mouse is no longer in the house.

Lets talk about the task lighting. For some reason the electrician bought LED lights, which are neither “light” nor are they nice. They are runway blue, if you can imagine. UGH. I don’t think I am THAT picky (OK, maybe a little), but after all of their experiences with me, why on earth would they think they could just go out and buy lighting without even a discussion. The colour is simply hideous. Not to mention they give off little to no light (begs the question on “were they not “task” lights”?) OH well, I guess they will have to be changed.

The window dilemma is still on going. The contractor has indicated that there will be some progress on resolution this afternoon…let’s see…perhaps I will HOLD MY BREATH. NOT. He will NOT wear us down this time. This reno was way too expensive for us to settle. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. We are going to get our preferred windows.

I have more photos, but I am about to toss the computer out the second story window. I still don’t have high speed, and now I cannot even get on with dialup. I am beside myself. I will try to remember to bring them to work to post tomorrow.

The kitchen may well be ready for us to move into on the weekend. Todd mentioned that we may even be ready enough to paint the powder room and basement. Painting party this weekend, we’ll have beer and pizza. Call me if you can come.

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