Last Day of August and 65 days late

Friday, August 31, 2007

Could it be true? Could the reno be finished, dare I say, ALREADY? I have so gotten used to the traffic in the house…not! And the dirt, NOT!

George is making a concerted effort to get things done, which is good, because I am tired of yelling. The cleaning ladies were in and cleaned for 7 hours x 2…and it’s still dusty. I guess the dust will continue to settle for some time. Oh well.

Todd cleaned up very nicely too. Although “the list” is not complete, it is livable until next week. Most of the items are outside anyway, so they could do it even after we change the locks! Todd left his tools in our basement…don’t worry, there is always ebay (just kidding!!)

Paul and T called and they are en route…eta is between 5 and 5:30. I have the martini glasses chilling in the freezer. The linen in our room (new temporary guest suite) is changed, and we just have a few more little things around the house and we’re ready for them! Work is very slow today so I am hoping we will bail early! Looking good!

We have an exciting weekend planned. Arrival at Taylor residence 5:30 ish, cocktails, appi’s and a home made pizza dinner (well, if you must know, Grey Goose martini’s, shrimp cocktail with a home made cocktail sauce, and dinner is home-made pizza topped with spicy calebrese salami, videlia onion bechamel and goat’s cheese…a tossed salad with a balsamic dressing, and tarts for dessert)

We’re spending the night in the big smoke and then off to the cottage in the morning. Weather is supposed to be coolish but sunny, which will be perfect for long walks in the forest and paddle-boating (gotta work off the heavy drinking!).

Dumpster #4

Thursday, August 30, 2007

We have dumpster #4 set on our driveway. We kinda, sorta knew but not really. Certainly did not know its eta: 7:15am, fortunately, JT is already up making a lovely breakfast!


JT had to park in our neighbour’s driveway last night to avoid ANOTHER ticket. I hope they can tell me today if it will be picked up by noon tomorrow… or I will need to get a couple of parking permits.

As promised, Todd and a a crew of at least 3 were in on Wednesday. Todd really made efforts to get ‘my priority list’ done…love those tick marks! His not here by the end of the day these days, and I do miss going over what’s done (and of course, ‘beertime’ – hey Brett, how are you these days???)

Here is why the trim work takes so long…take a look at how lovely this is, it matches the original 70+ year old craftsman work perfectly! What’s tricky about it is that it is not just a 45° cut, it is a part 45° cut, then Todd has to remove part of the back to fit tightly into the profile of the front – that is the tricky part. Our house apparently was the first of this style of trim for Todd, and by all accounts, he has really perfected his skill with them! Of course, you cannot get gumwood anymore, so we had to settle on poplar, which is not perfect, but not bad either!


They finished skimming the old concrete to the new:


And last but not least, most of the grading was done. They still have some brick removal and lots of garbage removal from garage and backyard but it’s getting there. JT and I will put back the interlocking, sometime in the near future.

63 Days LATE!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No one was in today because George was having an employee golf day. Great for them, sucks for us. We are STILL not finished. So many little things to do and we just cannot get them done. Incredibly painful…so painful.

George promised to have Todd on the project ALL day Wednesday. He’d better be, or I will rip that George a whole new ass hole! (he probably has a few already!)

Our plans to be finished in time for Labour Day were lofty…after all, we are only 63 days after the 2nd deadline (yes, the first one was even worse planning). It’s just incredibly painful…I just want to finish the damn project and never think of George again.

We’re Back!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

We’re back after a VERY AWFUL Jet Blue experience. Crew issues. Let’s just say this: Original Departure Time: 3:00PM. Actual Departure Time: 1AM. Jet Blue SUCKS. Big time. It was a staffing issue, yet again. But, true to form they were honest and open about it. I wouldn’t reco them at all. But they were really, really nice. Big F’ing deal. At 2 in the morning, NICE doesn’t cut it. Period.

Yes, they WILL be getting a letter (perhaps a few letters which form words, particular words, if you catch my drift). New York? When was that?

We had a lovely time in the Big Apple. Check out the page Big Apple Photos.

I was VERY disappointed when we returned. The reno wasn’t finished…YET. Todd had been there, although I have to wonder exactly how much time he spent (yes I know this last stuff takes a lot of detail time, but…).

The siding was installed and it looks really good.




Off to the Big Apple

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We’re off to the Big Apple tomorrow morning. It’s a little strange leaving things the way they are. I trust that Todd will keep the house neat and tidy, and locked up every night, I just feel very weird about it. I haven’t been able to look forward to the trip at all, but I guess I will be happy to be away once I am there .

We’re taking Geo (Mom’s husband). He was in NY when he was 15 and frankly that must have been in the stone age…he is OLD! Just kidding. I am sure the Big Apple will have a few surprises for him! I do hope we can make this a nice trip for him. I haven’t been for a year…JT took me for my birthday last year and it was a blast. I got a few restaurant tips from Kevin Brausch from Food Network and we’ll likely give them a try…(through a friend, but I had to do a little name dropping).

John was off today and I am hoping he was able to get the square knobs exchanged at the knob place (they inadvertently sent stainless look instead of brushed nickel) and with that, the kitchen should be done! Famous last words. We’ll have to add a bit more wood into the top of the dishwasher since the kitchen guy didn’t install the support properly (no, we don’t have an unusual dishwasher…it’s just dumb luck).

August 20, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

I left a note asking Todd to call me when he got in this morning…he did! Early too! What a pleasant surprise! There were a couple of things I needed to speak to him about and I wanted to make sure he was on the job (yep, you were right). Well, he was at our place, sort of. George made him go to another site in the morning. He was back at our place sometime during the day. Not his fault, I know. But I would so much like the dirt and dust to end. I am so tired of living in filth.

Todd’s work is really lovely. He refitted some trim in the same old style as the original part of the house, just fantastic – really well done! He really is a master craftsman, an artist! The attention to detail is simply amazing (for a man, that is!).

The list IS getting shorter, but it is taking so long. If Todd was able to work at our place all day, and not somewhere else, I am sure he could get it done much faster. As it is, George likely doesn’t have enough people to get his work done (you’ve taken on too much old man).

The project will not be done for Paul and T, I am very, very sad to say. Fret not, we’re still planning a great weekend, so please don’t hesitate – we’ll still have the guest room and the cottage. We’ve planned the menu already! And lot’s of beverages too! You’ll just have to come back to get the real picture when it’s finally done!

The siding is apparently going in on Thursday. We won’t be here to see it. I wish we were. Talk about bad timing (but in retrospect, this project was supposed to be finished June 27, and we booked this trip in February…how could we have, in our wildest dreams thought we would be up to two months late?)

We’re off for a short sojourn to the big apple. I may post from there, or not. Todd has requested to finish off while we’re away – we’ve said OK and I hope he will. I would like my life back and be done with George. I would also like to have my house back. It’s very strange to have it open all day with people I don’t know too well coming and going. Although, I have to say, I will miss the guy (Todd not George, to be absolutely clear) I hope we can become friends, eventually – friendship is earned and we’ve been thrown into this relationship. But life’s a bitch and then you die, so really I have no expectations – that much George has taught me.

I don’t have more photos for now perhaps you will have to wait for the big unveiling…

Thank you Friends…

Monday, August 20, 2007

Thank you, friends. I’ve been using this blog as a psychiatrist…somewhere to unload; but you’ve related your lovely comments and I thank you! And to the strangers too! It’s strangely comforting that someone we don’t know is reading about our plight. It is very comforting to know our friends are reading. Keep on commenting folks. I really LOVE it (particularly the martini references…you know how I love my martinis!)

The party is coming…but please do keep in mind, I really want everything perfect! I have the invite designed already (JT is rolliing his eyes – but really, had you expected differently from me?!?!?!?)

Call ahead and drop by. You know we’d LOVE to see you. We always have beer and wine in the fridges…and if not, there is the store up the street… and I can always make something to snack on.

Sunday August 19

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It’s Sunday and we puttered around a bit today. JT painted the walls and ceiling in the stairwell to the basement, I was cutting in. We got more paint (wow, that’s gotta be close to $500 of paint so far!) for the basement trim and stairs (it’s going to be Flurry, same colour as the ceiling). It’s a big job because we have to first lightly sand all of the old oil paint and prime with this special primer so we could paint overtop with laytex. That will not be fun.

Yesterday we finished off the powder room with accessories. I painted the small bit of black drain to look like the rest in shiny silver! The door needs trimming and lowering and it’s done!


Hopefully Todd will really finish up Monday, there is not much left to do but we’re leaving for the Big Apple first thing on Wednesday morning and the house will be made inaccessible to the IbyD team…we’re putting on the alarm.

It’s nearly the end of August…

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Can you believe it? The EX has begun and it’s nearly the end of the summer. And…wait for it…we’re STILL NOT DONE THE DAMN RENO. It’s just the small stuff now…trim, finishing etc. But it’s so painful. Total amount of work inside? Two guys, one day. That’s it. But for some reason it’s taking way longer than expected.

We got the real windows yesterday. Mehdi installed them in about an hour. Kitchen guy, Fadil came in to finish off…but we’re still not 100% done. I guess this is the way it goes…

Perhaps the whole theory is to take much longer than one would expect, wear you done and you finally say, forget about it? Not gonna happen. I just wonder how long is acceptable for George? You would think he would want one of his best people on another job?

Here are a few snaps of the new windows, the first two are comparisons to the wrong ones…just for fun:



They are so so so much nicer. The proportions are exactly as I had prescribed in my drawings. They are also so much easier to operate. We decided not to add grills on this one because they did such an awful job with the wrong windows, we felt the simpler the better.

We are significantly happier.

Here is Mehdi installing:




Saturday night we had Dad, Mary and Alan for dinner. It was very nice. Unfortunately, Alan had a plane to catch to fly back home to Vancouver at 11pm, but it still was a very nice evening. The powder room came in very handy, Mary, who is 84++++ didn’t have to go upstairs (wonder if she even could now?). Thanks for installing the potty Todd…it is so amazing to have a suite on the main floor!

Here is the menu:

Crisp fried calamari curls with lime

Chilled cucumber soup with mint and a calabrese custini with Goats cheese

Home smoked salmon [with lime and garlic aioli – damn I knew I forgot to serve something!]

Mixed greens with avocado, red peppers, heirloom tomatoes and cilantro with a lime olive oil dressing

Chocolate Panna Cotta, with raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries and of course, whipped cream.

The salmon seemed to be a hit with everyone! I am extremely pleased with the flow of the kitchen. It hasn’t taken me any time to get used to it…I guess that means we planned it well.

Second last day???

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It Thursday, and it is the second last day of the deadline. I called around lunch-time to see if Todd was at our place…I don’t trust that the contractor won’t pull Todd from our project for another screamier client. I really hate feeling this way. The anxiety in my chest is really getting bad…the project is almost over and somehow I feel an overwhelming foreboding. What could it be?

Todd and Matty were busy today, the finishing is coming together very quickly (and this is the part that takes a lot of time and effort, because it’s all in the details!) The workmanship is really lovely. Matty was in to help him with the finishing off the drywall and odd jobs. Matty is a good guy too, I am glad that Todd finally has some help.

I sent the contractor an email requesting assurances that the windows will go in on Friday. In typical fashion he passes the buck…please contact manny directly to obtain your assurances.”

Well, I guess that says it all. Who’s project is it ANYWAY? Still, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. That bast… (oops, sorry).

What a surprise that the Plumber, Rod was here to finish off…installed the sink in the powder room, installed our outside water hookup…under promise, over deliver (Todd said that Rod would try to come back in this week, likely on the weekend, so having him here on Thursday REALLY made me happy!)


Todd still needs to install baseboards and finish the floor in the powder room so the toilet is just in position; I saw it in our front hall and had a minor panic attack that it was way too long, and Todd immediately grabbed it and positioned it so I can be assured it’s OK! You see, that is Customer service. Our contractor could learn a thing or two from the young man!


This is the door JT and I picked up from Habitat for Humanity Re-store…Todd and Matty refinished it beautifully! It’s not gumwood, which wood (pun intended (what do you want? It’s 7:30 AM!!!!) have been impossible to find in our exact size) but the colour is pretty darn close. They really did a bang up job. It’s a pocket door that slides into the wall on the side of the new front closet!


Another day and still not finished…

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It’s another day and well…Todd was in, but by himself so the amount of work was what one would expect from one person plus there is the hurt foot. Also, I suspect he is also now the lead carpenter on the another project and we’re likely not getting 100% of his attention any more. I am wondering why a simple project like ours is now over 45 days late??????

I am totally deflated. Why is this so damn painful? I just want to cry. No one will call the poor guy back, not the plumber, the electrician etc…why? I am wondering. I simply cannot believe that the damn contractor wouldn’t want to finish this project.

The corrected replacement windows are supposedly coming in by Friday. I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. When the windows go in, the siding goes on and the inside will get framed. Maybe then they will also grade the exterior and get rid of the garbage, so the backyard looks relatively normal again.

Here are some more photos. We almost finished the painting in the basement. Todd was able to get the new pin lights, nosing on the stairs and he stained the bathroom floor (good thing the contractor has all of these expert trades working with him (like electrician and flooring guy!!!) Good thing Todd flows with the punches and gets things done even though he doesn’t seem to get any support from the contractor.





Paul and T are driving up on the long weekend. JT and I have so much to do before they get here…we need to get carpet and a bed (cannot do that until Todd is finished downstairs…please let it be this Friday).

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Todd may have broken his foot. He was trying to save his child from crashing into the coffee table and crunch…he may have broken his foot. Bad for him, and for us. Good for the baby…baby was saved, foot not so lucky!

JT and I painted the basement some more…cleaned and painted. It seems so never ending. Will it be over soon…please…???

Todd called and said he would be in tomorrow, I am sure it’s pressure from AH (guess who?).

Kitchen guys weren’t in again…waiting for knobs or ? I will call tomorrow to find out. The list seems endless…can it be over soon, please? I am tired of the construction, the dust and dirt and that my house isn’t my own. I couldn’t imagine doing this for much longer…it’s really been horrible.

On a positive note, last night we had Geo (mom’s hubby) for dinner…our first guest. He said the nicest thing…if he hadn’t known better, he wouldn’t have known the kitchen was new to the house…it’s exactly what we wanted – to blend into the house and look natural! Todd did a great job in blending the old and new, floors, baseboards etc.

We had a relatively simple meal, garlic infused goats cheese with crustini, traditional shrimp cocktail, grilled salmon with cranberry and onion couscous and a lovely citrus salad (with red wine vinegar and mint!). We had a cranberry and almond tart (no, not home made this time!) . It reminded me how much I love to entertain…soon we will have our party…soon!

It was a busy weekend!

Monday, August 13, 2007

No one showed up. No one even called. Manage the customers expectations…it’s not that difficult…under promise, over deliver. It’s really not that difficult!

Oh, by the way, here is an example of our esteemed contractor’s elloquent communication style copied directly from an email, that was sent out of the blue, not in sequence with any conversation or communication (can I even use that word in this context?)

“Subject: siding
3″ width or 4″ width with corners at same size?”

Lovely, huh?

JT and I were busy even though the things that were supposed to be finished did not get done (the list seems to be getting bigger…two steps forward one step back it seems).

I moved into the kitchen (still some knobs to come, but we can use the drawers as they have drilled already!)

JT painted what he could in the basement…UGH. I wish that AH contractor would let Todd work on our place 100% of the time, we would have been finished by now. UGH. Did I say that already?

We removed that horrific carpet from the basement. We’ll be shopping for new carpeting this week…hope they will be able to install before the Doran weekend!

This photo is taken from the bottom of the stairs (the left side is where the square wall units were).


We’ve given everyone a deadline of this week! We need to do so much after they are gone. It’s definitely not a weeks worth of work…but for god’s sake, already, GET IT DONE. I don’t understand this mentality. Just get the damn work done. (do ya sense a note of frustration?)

Guess What? It was a train….

Monday, August 13, 2007

No one showed up on Friday. Need I say more?

Thursday was a GREAT day…

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yes, can it be true? Thursday was indeed a great day! There were a lot of things accomplished, and Todd and Matty were at our place all day! The hall closet was closed in, lots of quarter round finished, the venting was hooked up to the hood fan above the stove, patching, priming, etc etc etc…the list goes on and on. Oh, and the kitchen guy came by and installed another couple of pulls…still a few more to go!

Front hall closet (opening directly to the left is the powder room):


Todd took the paper off the stairs and I vacuumed all the dirt after he left…it’s starting to look like home again!

I couldn’t resist another photo of the kitchen:

This is the inspiration photo I used to come up with the basement window:


This is the real basement window! Todd is planning on framing it in today. It really makes the space, you don’t feel so underground anymore. This weekend we’re carpet shopping (oh and painting, anyone want to help, call me, home made pizza and beer offered!)


I know it’s almost the end, because I keep hearing that weirdo brit narrator on “how not to decorate” say at the very end of the show…”queue the dreamy music…” and then they reveal the renovation! Stay tuned…that light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter (we can only hope it’s not a freight train speeding at us!)

Another day and the kitchen is still not done!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well, it’s another day. We arrived home and Todd had already gone. I left a harsh message for which I am now sorry. He did do quite a bit and indeed addressed things I had left on my “yet another list” note. It’s not his fault, that damn contractor hasn’t given him a helper in 4 weeks (has it been 4 weeks, Brett?). I had a migraine yesterday, a real whopper, and it always throws me off (no excuse). Today, I have a strong sense of dread, wonder what the contractor will throw at us now?

The kitchen is still not done. The hardware people sent the wrong finish on the knobs. JT went over to the showroom and confirmed. We told Fadil, the kitchen guy that we’ll look after it, but they don’t sell to the public. UGH. Now, I have to go back to the poor guy and ask him to do yet another thing.


Day 42 delayed completion

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Well, it’s day 42 of the proposed completion date, and it’s frustrating. Todd came back from his long weekend and almost finished mudding, sanding and priming the basement. Dust everywhere…another very frustrating thing. Hopefully he will have completed the back splash, the baseboards, the framing of the closet (more dust) etc., etc. etc. It’s still only Todd working on our place.

The kitchen is still not quite done, almost but not quite. Still a few knobs to install.

The floors are an issue. They were finished about a month ago, and of course, there is quite a bit of traffic which caused scratches. And then there are the existing floors in the house, which weren’t covered in time and even if they were the coverings came off and were not replaced. Scratches, cement and such spot the floors. The contractor wants to split the cost…can you imagine? If they broke a window, would he expect to split the cost? And on top of that, the cost he quoted is exactly 2X the cost we got from our floor finisher…so much for splitting!!!! I didn’t even want to have to sand all the floors, the dirt and dust are very invasive and I am sick of it. I just want this experience to be over. Although I am relieved it’s closer to the end, I am not as happy as I thought I should be considering how much it cost. The emotional cost has been more than I could ever have imagined. And it’s not over yet.

We’ve Reclaimed our House!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

JT got busy on Monday and really started to reclaim the upstairs. With the kitchen moved downstairs to its rightful place, we were able to move the office back to normal, the guest room and our bed room (no more storage room)! And last but not least, the bathroom is back to normal. It feels great.

Here are some long awaited photos of the kitchen (note, it’s still not finished!)

From the new entrance to the basement stairs:


JT cooking dinner, shot from the dining room:


Wall sconces on the second floor landing:


I had a FutureShop techy come to the house to fix my internet problem. It took him about 2 minutes…I couldn’t believe it. I learned a lot, particularly that I know nothing about computers! I took notes…hopefully I can figure them out in the future! So I am back on line.

Our First Meal in the New Kitchen

Monday, August 6, 2007

Come back later for the photos!

I cooked our first meal in the new kitchen today! WOW! Unbelievable, really! We’re not quite moved back down as the kitchen guys still aren’t quite done (can you believe it, it’s gotta be 7++ days that they are still installing). They still have to install the pulls and do a few finishing details, so I cannot fill the cabinets yet.


I don’t have all my tools yet, so it was a relatively basic meal, and you know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tell you about it.

Chicken Paprikas in Crepes (Hortobagyi Palacsinta in Hungarian) with a cabbage slaw (red wine vinegar dressing). We even had hors d’oeuvres (store bought dips and pita bread) on the island to munch as I as cooked! We sat at the island on our new stools and ate dinner. It really was lovely.

JT installed all the lights yesterday…WOW! The sconces on the stairs look amazing, the pendant lights in the kitchen…fantastic (what a challenge to get them all to hang at the same height – in hind site I should have chosen pendants that had infinite lengths instead of the set lengths that these lights have!) I am really happy with the look!

The Civic Holiday Long Weekend

Monday, August 6, 2007

I’m writng this from JT’s laptop. Sympatico told me to get a technician – that my computer’s got something wrong and it’s not their connection! I actually have a techy coming in today at 1pm to check it out. Apparently Windows 2000 is out of date! Photos will be added when I am back up and running my old clunker!

I returned the Norton Antivirus that was sold to me, and what a pleasant experience that was, seriously. I was so worried about the argument I would have to have over this (normally they don’t return software), but the guys that served me on Thursday were at the shop, remembered me and prompty exchanged the software for something that would work! I gotta stop this fretting.

It’s the holiday weekend, second last one of the summer. I simply cannot believe how quickly time is flying (throwing that old notion out the window “time flies when you’re having fun!”).

These are photos of the finished brickwork:



JT and I did a lot this weekend. We finished up painting the kitchen, dining, powder room, front hall, stairs and upstairs (that wall on the second floor right by the ceiling was a bit of a challenge (me, being the ‘cutting in’ person, hanging off the little giant ladder in all sorts of acrobating positions, willing myself not to look down!) But it’s all done and I love the colour. We selected a much lighter colour palatte than was before (recall it was shades of darkish olive green tones) – our main colour is called Muslin (coincidentally recommended by Todd – I actually selected a bunch of colour chips from the wall and the three I liked best, the main colour was Muslin!!!)

The colour is more like dark coffee with about 90% cream in it. Colours shown may not be accurate!

Palette for kitchen, dining and hall (Flurry is the kitchen ceiling, Muslin is the kitchen, front hall and vellum is the dining room):


Powder room (Muslin is the ceiling and Polar Sky are the walls):


Sneak peak at the powder room:


I am also considering this for the basement (not painted yet):


Flurry for kitchen ceiling, Muslin for Kitchen walls, Front hall, upstairs hall, overall basement, including ceiling and bathroom ceiling. Vellum for dining room. Polar ice (cool blue) for powder room and feature wall in basement. Powder room and Basement are going for the ‘hotel chic’ look with beiges, browns and cool blues.

We still have the basement to paint, and I am hoping that the drywall guy will be finally finished sanding and priming by next weekend (we’re running out of time…countdown to Doran weekend: 26 days and counting!)

No one showed up on Thursday…Surprise!!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Well, that isn’t entirely true, Maddy the brick layer was there all day. He’s not finished yet, but hopefully will be today. Matty the drywall guy was a no show and I called George to complain. “Something came up” HA, he was probably on another job. I had a feeling this would happen…WHERE ARE YOU TODD???? Mel and team are (HVAC) coming today, as are the kitchen guys. I am going home at lunch, only because I feel like doing some yelling today – I have a strong feeling today will be a repeat of yesterday!

Added at 1pm on Friday – I went home at lunch and there was a FLURRY of activity…I had called Fadil this morning, and he said he couldn’t send anyone to finish today…maybe tomorrow! But on my arrival, I see Fadil’s lovely SUV in our driveway…he is finishing off! The HVAC Guys are there AND Matty is drywalling. YAHOOOOO….we will be able to paint and move in this weekend!

To determine how high we wanted the bricks to go, I did a bit of photoshop concept work…I faked the siding, brick and parging and the windows are still wrong, but it really gives a sense of proportion. We wanted the parging (foundation) to be consistent with the existing foundation.


This is what the brick work really looks like, as of Friday August 3 morning:



I took the damn computer into Futureshop yesterday. They did a diagnostic right there (guy on the phone said they didn’t do that and that I had to leave the machine there for 48 hr!) There is nothing wrong with my ethernet card…they got on their network without any problems. They abhor sympatico, wouldn’t even try it. So my computer works, they said it is likely my security software, which no one heard of…so they sold me Norton Antivirus $69.99….and guess what? they sold it for NT or Vista…my machine is Windows 2000. Either they are THAT stupid (yes they had my system open) or they just needed to make a sale. I have to go back tonight…hopefully it will be an easy exchange…but my gut says no.

Day 37 of the missed completion date

Thursday, August 2, 2007

It’s been very hot lately. I feel for the guys…we’ve been leaving the AC on for them all day (we’ll catch up with the environment when it’s over, I usually shut it off during the day!)


The electrician was in Wednesday and replaced all of the blue LED lights. I thought this would be a huge argument with George, but he snuck it in…we’ll see if we get an invoice for it (although we were very clear (have I said that before?) that under no uncertain terms was work to be done out of scope without prior agreement on costing…seems simple enough! Famous last words!)

Todd is away today and tomorrow. He planned for things to happen, I just hope they do…when the cat is away…Mel our HVAC guy is supposed to be in today, the kitchen guys today or tomorrow AND the drywall guy is supposed to be finishing off so we can actually paint on the weekend (and hopefully move into the kitchen). Also, we are hoping that George arranges for the flooring guy to refinish the floors that they scratched up due to insufficient covering – they did cover the floors, but a little late, and then the coves wear off and are not replaced…so there are scratches. Had I known, I may have refinished in a different colour. I know it will be an argument with the contractor.

Here are the LED lights under the counter… the blue was really really blue!:




These are the new beautiful Xenon lights…they have a normal warm tone:




More kitchen photos (stove is still pulled out because we need to get the gas hooked up):


Day 36 of the delayed completion date

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A lot was accomplished yesterday…Todd finished the beading in the basement (that is that metal strip that you put on corners and put drywall compound on it to finish the corners flawlessly), the bathroom was also mudded, flooring in bathroom done, skylight was drywalled and mudded, and some of the baseboards were reapplied in the dining room (I thought that this will be a challenge to make it look convincing that it carries through and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but that Todd really knows what he is doing, by the time he sands and stains as per original, we’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference!). Matty the drywall guy was in (there were lots of sploches (very technical word of the trade) of drywall compound on the appliances and counters, Matty is not as careful as Todd).

Baseboards in the kitchen:



The kitchen guys didn’t come, again. I sent them an email with all of the outstanding issues. I spoke to Fadil and they will come on Thursday or Friday – he promised we can move into the kitchen this weekend – he has been honest and up front with us, so I tend to believe him more than other people. Our lead, Todd is off tomorrow and Friday…boo hoo hoo hoo. Work doesn’t move nearly as fast as when he isn’t around. But he will set up trades to come in anyway while he is gone. As long as there is progress, I am happy. I will have photos when I get the damn computer on-line again…grumble grumble grumble.

Basement drywall finishing:


This part of the basement is where the wine cellar used to be, directly under the stairs. In fact, the house used to end where the ceiling angles in!


The brick guys are also finishing off the exterior (we’re having 10 rows of our reclaimed brick added above the foundation to tie into the existing house. The other finish (Hardie Board) will be applied after the damn windows are done. The window guy Medhi is coming by tonight, JT will have to hold me back from the MFB (guess). Why? The business ethics in this line of work are reprehensible. Frankly, I don’t think he will show up, but we’ll see. That would be the third meeting that he skipped. My goodness, can you imagine if any one of us did that in the business world. It’s simply unbelievable!


We got another mouse last night – this one’s name was Medhi. Poor little critter, at least he had a small taste of very expensive Quebec cheddar that I brought home from work after a photo shoot! I hope he put the window order in!