Day 36 of the delayed completion date

A lot was accomplished yesterday…Todd finished the beading in the basement (that is that metal strip that you put on corners and put drywall compound on it to finish the corners flawlessly), the bathroom was also mudded, flooring in bathroom done, skylight was drywalled and mudded, and some of the baseboards were reapplied in the dining room (I thought that this will be a challenge to make it look convincing that it carries through and doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb, but that Todd really knows what he is doing, by the time he sands and stains as per original, we’ll be hard pressed to tell the difference!). Matty the drywall guy was in (there were lots of sploches (very technical word of the trade) of drywall compound on the appliances and counters, Matty is not as careful as Todd).

Baseboards in the kitchen:



The kitchen guys didn’t come, again. I sent them an email with all of the outstanding issues. I spoke to Fadil and they will come on Thursday or Friday – he promised we can move into the kitchen this weekend – he has been honest and up front with us, so I tend to believe him more than other people. Our lead, Todd is off tomorrow and Friday…boo hoo hoo hoo. Work doesn’t move nearly as fast as when he isn’t around. But he will set up trades to come in anyway while he is gone. As long as there is progress, I am happy. I will have photos when I get the damn computer on-line again…grumble grumble grumble.

Basement drywall finishing:


This part of the basement is where the wine cellar used to be, directly under the stairs. In fact, the house used to end where the ceiling angles in!


The brick guys are also finishing off the exterior (we’re having 10 rows of our reclaimed brick added above the foundation to tie into the existing house. The other finish (Hardie Board) will be applied after the damn windows are done. The window guy Medhi is coming by tonight, JT will have to hold me back from the MFB (guess). Why? The business ethics in this line of work are reprehensible. Frankly, I don’t think he will show up, but we’ll see. That would be the third meeting that he skipped. My goodness, can you imagine if any one of us did that in the business world. It’s simply unbelievable!


We got another mouse last night – this one’s name was Medhi. Poor little critter, at least he had a small taste of very expensive Quebec cheddar that I brought home from work after a photo shoot! I hope he put the window order in!

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