Day 37 of the missed completion date

It’s been very hot lately. I feel for the guys…we’ve been leaving the AC on for them all day (we’ll catch up with the environment when it’s over, I usually shut it off during the day!)


The electrician was in Wednesday and replaced all of the blue LED lights. I thought this would be a huge argument with George, but he snuck it in…we’ll see if we get an invoice for it (although we were very clear (have I said that before?) that under no uncertain terms was work to be done out of scope without prior agreement on costing…seems simple enough! Famous last words!)

Todd is away today and tomorrow. He planned for things to happen, I just hope they do…when the cat is away…Mel our HVAC guy is supposed to be in today, the kitchen guys today or tomorrow AND the drywall guy is supposed to be finishing off so we can actually paint on the weekend (and hopefully move into the kitchen). Also, we are hoping that George arranges for the flooring guy to refinish the floors that they scratched up due to insufficient covering – they did cover the floors, but a little late, and then the coves wear off and are not replaced…so there are scratches. Had I known, I may have refinished in a different colour. I know it will be an argument with the contractor.

Here are the LED lights under the counter… the blue was really really blue!:




These are the new beautiful Xenon lights…they have a normal warm tone:




More kitchen photos (stove is still pulled out because we need to get the gas hooked up):


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