No one showed up on Thursday…Surprise!!!!!

Happy Birthday Wendy!

Well, that isn’t entirely true, Maddy the brick layer was there all day. He’s not finished yet, but hopefully will be today. Matty the drywall guy was a no show and I called George to complain. “Something came up” HA, he was probably on another job. I had a feeling this would happen…WHERE ARE YOU TODD???? Mel and team are (HVAC) coming today, as are the kitchen guys. I am going home at lunch, only because I feel like doing some yelling today – I have a strong feeling today will be a repeat of yesterday!

Added at 1pm on Friday – I went home at lunch and there was a FLURRY of activity…I had called Fadil this morning, and he said he couldn’t send anyone to finish today…maybe tomorrow! But on my arrival, I see Fadil’s lovely SUV in our driveway…he is finishing off! The HVAC Guys are there AND Matty is drywalling. YAHOOOOO….we will be able to paint and move in this weekend!

To determine how high we wanted the bricks to go, I did a bit of photoshop concept work…I faked the siding, brick and parging and the windows are still wrong, but it really gives a sense of proportion. We wanted the parging (foundation) to be consistent with the existing foundation.


This is what the brick work really looks like, as of Friday August 3 morning:



I took the damn computer into Futureshop yesterday. They did a diagnostic right there (guy on the phone said they didn’t do that and that I had to leave the machine there for 48 hr!) There is nothing wrong with my ethernet card…they got on their network without any problems. They abhor sympatico, wouldn’t even try it. So my computer works, they said it is likely my security software, which no one heard of…so they sold me Norton Antivirus $69.99….and guess what? they sold it for NT or Vista…my machine is Windows 2000. Either they are THAT stupid (yes they had my system open) or they just needed to make a sale. I have to go back tonight…hopefully it will be an easy exchange…but my gut says no.

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