The Civic Holiday Long Weekend

I’m writng this from JT’s laptop. Sympatico told me to get a technician – that my computer’s got something wrong and it’s not their connection! I actually have a techy coming in today at 1pm to check it out. Apparently Windows 2000 is out of date! Photos will be added when I am back up and running my old clunker!

I returned the Norton Antivirus that was sold to me, and what a pleasant experience that was, seriously. I was so worried about the argument I would have to have over this (normally they don’t return software), but the guys that served me on Thursday were at the shop, remembered me and prompty exchanged the software for something that would work! I gotta stop this fretting.

It’s the holiday weekend, second last one of the summer. I simply cannot believe how quickly time is flying (throwing that old notion out the window “time flies when you’re having fun!”).

These are photos of the finished brickwork:



JT and I did a lot this weekend. We finished up painting the kitchen, dining, powder room, front hall, stairs and upstairs (that wall on the second floor right by the ceiling was a bit of a challenge (me, being the ‘cutting in’ person, hanging off the little giant ladder in all sorts of acrobating positions, willing myself not to look down!) But it’s all done and I love the colour. We selected a much lighter colour palatte than was before (recall it was shades of darkish olive green tones) – our main colour is called Muslin (coincidentally recommended by Todd – I actually selected a bunch of colour chips from the wall and the three I liked best, the main colour was Muslin!!!)

The colour is more like dark coffee with about 90% cream in it. Colours shown may not be accurate!

Palette for kitchen, dining and hall (Flurry is the kitchen ceiling, Muslin is the kitchen, front hall and vellum is the dining room):


Powder room (Muslin is the ceiling and Polar Sky are the walls):


Sneak peak at the powder room:


I am also considering this for the basement (not painted yet):


Flurry for kitchen ceiling, Muslin for Kitchen walls, Front hall, upstairs hall, overall basement, including ceiling and bathroom ceiling. Vellum for dining room. Polar ice (cool blue) for powder room and feature wall in basement. Powder room and Basement are going for the ‘hotel chic’ look with beiges, browns and cool blues.

We still have the basement to paint, and I am hoping that the drywall guy will be finally finished sanding and priming by next weekend (we’re running out of time…countdown to Doran weekend: 26 days and counting!)

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