Another day and the kitchen is still not done!

Well, it’s another day. We arrived home and Todd had already gone. I left a harsh message for which I am now sorry. He did do quite a bit and indeed addressed things I had left on my “yet another list” note. It’s not his fault, that damn contractor hasn’t given him a helper in 4 weeks (has it been 4 weeks, Brett?). I had a migraine yesterday, a real whopper, and it always throws me off (no excuse). Today, I have a strong sense of dread, wonder what the contractor will throw at us now?

The kitchen is still not done. The hardware people sent the wrong finish on the knobs. JT went over to the showroom and confirmed. We told Fadil, the kitchen guy that we’ll look after it, but they don’t sell to the public. UGH. Now, I have to go back to the poor guy and ask him to do yet another thing.


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