It was a busy weekend!

No one showed up. No one even called. Manage the customers expectations…it’s not that difficult…under promise, over deliver. It’s really not that difficult!

Oh, by the way, here is an example of our esteemed contractor’s elloquent communication style copied directly from an email, that was sent out of the blue, not in sequence with any conversation or communication (can I even use that word in this context?)

“Subject: siding
3″ width or 4″ width with corners at same size?”

Lovely, huh?

JT and I were busy even though the things that were supposed to be finished did not get done (the list seems to be getting bigger…two steps forward one step back it seems).

I moved into the kitchen (still some knobs to come, but we can use the drawers as they have drilled already!)

JT painted what he could in the basement…UGH. I wish that AH contractor would let Todd work on our place 100% of the time, we would have been finished by now. UGH. Did I say that already?

We removed that horrific carpet from the basement. We’ll be shopping for new carpeting this week…hope they will be able to install before the Doran weekend!

This photo is taken from the bottom of the stairs (the left side is where the square wall units were).


We’ve given everyone a deadline of this week! We need to do so much after they are gone. It’s definitely not a weeks worth of work…but for god’s sake, already, GET IT DONE. I don’t understand this mentality. Just get the damn work done. (do ya sense a note of frustration?)

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