Monday, August 13, 2007

Todd may have broken his foot. He was trying to save his child from crashing into the coffee table and crunch…he may have broken his foot. Bad for him, and for us. Good for the baby…baby was saved, foot not so lucky!

JT and I painted the basement some more…cleaned and painted. It seems so never ending. Will it be over soon…please…???

Todd called and said he would be in tomorrow, I am sure it’s pressure from AH (guess who?).

Kitchen guys weren’t in again…waiting for knobs or ? I will call tomorrow to find out. The list seems endless…can it be over soon, please? I am tired of the construction, the dust and dirt and that my house isn’t my own. I couldn’t imagine doing this for much longer…it’s really been horrible.

On a positive note, last night we had Geo (mom’s hubby) for dinner…our first guest. He said the nicest thing…if he hadn’t known better, he wouldn’t have known the kitchen was new to the house…it’s exactly what we wanted – to blend into the house and look natural! Todd did a great job in blending the old and new, floors, baseboards etc.

We had a relatively simple meal, garlic infused goats cheese with crustini, traditional shrimp cocktail, grilled salmon with cranberry and onion couscous and a lovely citrus salad (with red wine vinegar and mint!). We had a cranberry and almond tart (no, not home made this time!) . It reminded me how much I love to entertain…soon we will have our party…soon!

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