Another day and still not finished…

It’s another day and well…Todd was in, but by himself so the amount of work was what one would expect from one person plus there is the hurt foot. Also, I suspect he is also now the lead carpenter on the another project and we’re likely not getting 100% of his attention any more. I am wondering why a simple project like ours is now over 45 days late??????

I am totally deflated. Why is this so damn painful? I just want to cry. No one will call the poor guy back, not the plumber, the electrician etc…why? I am wondering. I simply cannot believe that the damn contractor wouldn’t want to finish this project.

The corrected replacement windows are supposedly coming in by Friday. I guess I’ll believe it when I see it. When the windows go in, the siding goes on and the inside will get framed. Maybe then they will also grade the exterior and get rid of the garbage, so the backyard looks relatively normal again.

Here are some more photos. We almost finished the painting in the basement. Todd was able to get the new pin lights, nosing on the stairs and he stained the bathroom floor (good thing the contractor has all of these expert trades working with him (like electrician and flooring guy!!!) Good thing Todd flows with the punches and gets things done even though he doesn’t seem to get any support from the contractor.





Paul and T are driving up on the long weekend. JT and I have so much to do before they get here…we need to get carpet and a bed (cannot do that until Todd is finished downstairs…please let it be this Friday).

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