Second last day???

It Thursday, and it is the second last day of the deadline. I called around lunch-time to see if Todd was at our place…I don’t trust that the contractor won’t pull Todd from our project for another screamier client. I really hate feeling this way. The anxiety in my chest is really getting bad…the project is almost over and somehow I feel an overwhelming foreboding. What could it be?

Todd and Matty were busy today, the finishing is coming together very quickly (and this is the part that takes a lot of time and effort, because it’s all in the details!) The workmanship is really lovely. Matty was in to help him with the finishing off the drywall and odd jobs. Matty is a good guy too, I am glad that Todd finally has some help.

I sent the contractor an email requesting assurances that the windows will go in on Friday. In typical fashion he passes the buck…please contact manny directly to obtain your assurances.”

Well, I guess that says it all. Who’s project is it ANYWAY? Still, I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. That bast… (oops, sorry).

What a surprise that the Plumber, Rod was here to finish off…installed the sink in the powder room, installed our outside water hookup…under promise, over deliver (Todd said that Rod would try to come back in this week, likely on the weekend, so having him here on Thursday REALLY made me happy!)


Todd still needs to install baseboards and finish the floor in the powder room so the toilet is just in position; I saw it in our front hall and had a minor panic attack that it was way too long, and Todd immediately grabbed it and positioned it so I can be assured it’s OK! You see, that is Customer service. Our contractor could learn a thing or two from the young man!


This is the door JT and I picked up from Habitat for Humanity Re-store…Todd and Matty refinished it beautifully! It’s not gumwood, which wood (pun intended (what do you want? It’s 7:30 AM!!!!) have been impossible to find in our exact size) but the colour is pretty darn close. They really did a bang up job. It’s a pocket door that slides into the wall on the side of the new front closet!


One Response to Second last day???

  1. Barbara Burgess says:

    Is it my imagination, or is that a full martini glass with my name on it sitting on your kitchen counter?

    Keep your eye on the prize… will all be over soon. Then, you’ll be pouring more martinis than you can count in that new kitchen of yours….and we’ll be needing to stay in that new basement of yours.


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