It’s nearly the end of August…

Can you believe it? The EX has begun and it’s nearly the end of the summer. And…wait for it…we’re STILL NOT DONE THE DAMN RENO. It’s just the small stuff now…trim, finishing etc. But it’s so painful. Total amount of work inside? Two guys, one day. That’s it. But for some reason it’s taking way longer than expected.

We got the real windows yesterday. Mehdi installed them in about an hour. Kitchen guy, Fadil came in to finish off…but we’re still not 100% done. I guess this is the way it goes…

Perhaps the whole theory is to take much longer than one would expect, wear you done and you finally say, forget about it? Not gonna happen. I just wonder how long is acceptable for George? You would think he would want one of his best people on another job?

Here are a few snaps of the new windows, the first two are comparisons to the wrong ones…just for fun:



They are so so so much nicer. The proportions are exactly as I had prescribed in my drawings. They are also so much easier to operate. We decided not to add grills on this one because they did such an awful job with the wrong windows, we felt the simpler the better.

We are significantly happier.

Here is Mehdi installing:




Saturday night we had Dad, Mary and Alan for dinner. It was very nice. Unfortunately, Alan had a plane to catch to fly back home to Vancouver at 11pm, but it still was a very nice evening. The powder room came in very handy, Mary, who is 84++++ didn’t have to go upstairs (wonder if she even could now?). Thanks for installing the potty Todd…it is so amazing to have a suite on the main floor!

Here is the menu:

Crisp fried calamari curls with lime

Chilled cucumber soup with mint and a calabrese custini with Goats cheese

Home smoked salmon [with lime and garlic aioli – damn I knew I forgot to serve something!]

Mixed greens with avocado, red peppers, heirloom tomatoes and cilantro with a lime olive oil dressing

Chocolate Panna Cotta, with raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries and of course, whipped cream.

The salmon seemed to be a hit with everyone! I am extremely pleased with the flow of the kitchen. It hasn’t taken me any time to get used to it…I guess that means we planned it well.

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