Sunday August 19

It’s Sunday and we puttered around a bit today. JT painted the walls and ceiling in the stairwell to the basement, I was cutting in. We got more paint (wow, that’s gotta be close to $500 of paint so far!) for the basement trim and stairs (it’s going to be Flurry, same colour as the ceiling). It’s a big job because we have to first lightly sand all of the old oil paint and prime with this special primer so we could paint overtop with laytex. That will not be fun.

Yesterday we finished off the powder room with accessories. I painted the small bit of black drain to look like the rest in shiny silver! The door needs trimming and lowering and it’s done!


Hopefully Todd will really finish up Monday, there is not much left to do but we’re leaving for the Big Apple first thing on Wednesday morning and the house will be made inaccessible to the IbyD team…we’re putting on the alarm.

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