August 20, 2007

I left a note asking Todd to call me when he got in this morning…he did! Early too! What a pleasant surprise! There were a couple of things I needed to speak to him about and I wanted to make sure he was on the job (yep, you were right). Well, he was at our place, sort of. George made him go to another site in the morning. He was back at our place sometime during the day. Not his fault, I know. But I would so much like the dirt and dust to end. I am so tired of living in filth.

Todd’s work is really lovely. He refitted some trim in the same old style as the original part of the house, just fantastic – really well done! He really is a master craftsman, an artist! The attention to detail is simply amazing (for a man, that is!).

The list IS getting shorter, but it is taking so long. If Todd was able to work at our place all day, and not somewhere else, I am sure he could get it done much faster. As it is, George likely doesn’t have enough people to get his work done (you’ve taken on too much old man).

The project will not be done for Paul and T, I am very, very sad to say. Fret not, we’re still planning a great weekend, so please don’t hesitate – we’ll still have the guest room and the cottage. We’ve planned the menu already! And lot’s of beverages too! You’ll just have to come back to get the real picture when it’s finally done!

The siding is apparently going in on Thursday. We won’t be here to see it. I wish we were. Talk about bad timing (but in retrospect, this project was supposed to be finished June 27, and we booked this trip in February…how could we have, in our wildest dreams thought we would be up to two months late?)

We’re off for a short sojourn to the big apple. I may post from there, or not. Todd has requested to finish off while we’re away – we’ve said OK and I hope he will. I would like my life back and be done with George. I would also like to have my house back. It’s very strange to have it open all day with people I don’t know too well coming and going. Although, I have to say, I will miss the guy (Todd not George, to be absolutely clear) I hope we can become friends, eventually – friendship is earned and we’ve been thrown into this relationship. But life’s a bitch and then you die, so really I have no expectations – that much George has taught me.

I don’t have more photos for now perhaps you will have to wait for the big unveiling…

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