Off to the Big Apple

We’re off to the Big Apple tomorrow morning. It’s a little strange leaving things the way they are. I trust that Todd will keep the house neat and tidy, and locked up every night, I just feel very weird about it. I haven’t been able to look forward to the trip at all, but I guess I will be happy to be away once I am there .

We’re taking Geo (Mom’s husband). He was in NY when he was 15 and frankly that must have been in the stone age…he is OLD! Just kidding. I am sure the Big Apple will have a few surprises for him! I do hope we can make this a nice trip for him. I haven’t been for a year…JT took me for my birthday last year and it was a blast. I got a few restaurant tips from Kevin Brausch from Food Network and we’ll likely give them a try…(through a friend, but I had to do a little name dropping).

John was off today and I am hoping he was able to get the square knobs exchanged at the knob place (they inadvertently sent stainless look instead of brushed nickel) and with that, the kitchen should be done! Famous last words. We’ll have to add a bit more wood into the top of the dishwasher since the kitchen guy didn’t install the support properly (no, we don’t have an unusual dishwasher…it’s just dumb luck).

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