We’re Back!

We’re back after a VERY AWFUL Jet Blue experience. Crew issues. Let’s just say this: Original Departure Time: 3:00PM. Actual Departure Time: 1AM. Jet Blue SUCKS. Big time. It was a staffing issue, yet again. But, true to form they were honest and open about it. I wouldn’t reco them at all. But they were really, really nice. Big F’ing deal. At 2 in the morning, NICE doesn’t cut it. Period.

Yes, they WILL be getting a letter (perhaps a few letters which form words, particular words, if you catch my drift). New York? When was that?

We had a lovely time in the Big Apple. Check out the page Big Apple Photos.

I was VERY disappointed when we returned. The reno wasn’t finished…YET. Todd had been there, although I have to wonder exactly how much time he spent (yes I know this last stuff takes a lot of detail time, but…).

The siding was installed and it looks really good.




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