Dumpster #4

We have dumpster #4 set on our driveway. We kinda, sorta knew but not really. Certainly did not know its eta: 7:15am, fortunately, JT is already up making a lovely breakfast!


JT had to park in our neighbour’s driveway last night to avoid ANOTHER ticket. I hope they can tell me today if it will be picked up by noon tomorrow… or I will need to get a couple of parking permits.

As promised, Todd and a a crew of at least 3 were in on Wednesday. Todd really made efforts to get ‘my priority list’ done…love those tick marks! His not here by the end of the day these days, and I do miss going over what’s done (and of course, ‘beertime’ – hey Brett, how are you these days???)

Here is why the trim work takes so long…take a look at how lovely this is, it matches the original 70+ year old craftsman work perfectly! What’s tricky about it is that it is not just a 45° cut, it is a part 45° cut, then Todd has to remove part of the back to fit tightly into the profile of the front – that is the tricky part. Our house apparently was the first of this style of trim for Todd, and by all accounts, he has really perfected his skill with them! Of course, you cannot get gumwood anymore, so we had to settle on poplar, which is not perfect, but not bad either!


They finished skimming the old concrete to the new:


And last but not least, most of the grading was done. They still have some brick removal and lots of garbage removal from garage and backyard but it’s getting there. JT and I will put back the interlocking, sometime in the near future.

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