Last Day of August and 65 days late

Could it be true? Could the reno be finished, dare I say, ALREADY? I have so gotten used to the traffic in the house…not! And the dirt, NOT!

George is making a concerted effort to get things done, which is good, because I am tired of yelling. The cleaning ladies were in and cleaned for 7 hours x 2…and it’s still dusty. I guess the dust will continue to settle for some time. Oh well.

Todd cleaned up very nicely too. Although “the list” is not complete, it is livable until next week. Most of the items are outside anyway, so they could do it even after we change the locks! Todd left his tools in our basement…don’t worry, there is always ebay (just kidding!!)

Paul and T called and they are en route…eta is between 5 and 5:30. I have the martini glasses chilling in the freezer. The linen in our room (new temporary guest suite) is changed, and we just have a few more little things around the house and we’re ready for them! Work is very slow today so I am hoping we will bail early! Looking good!

We have an exciting weekend planned. Arrival at Taylor residence 5:30 ish, cocktails, appi’s and a home made pizza dinner (well, if you must know, Grey Goose martini’s, shrimp cocktail with a home made cocktail sauce, and dinner is home-made pizza topped with spicy calebrese salami, videlia onion bechamel and goat’s cheese…a tossed salad with a balsamic dressing, and tarts for dessert)

We’re spending the night in the big smoke and then off to the cottage in the morning. Weather is supposed to be coolish but sunny, which will be perfect for long walks in the forest and paddle-boating (gotta work off the heavy drinking!).

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