It’s not over until the fat lady sings…

Friday, September 7, 2007

It’s Friday September 7 and believe it or not, we’re still not completely finished. Yes, we can use the kitchen and the basement is almost relatively done, but for some reason, these minor details still seem to be a very difficult part for our contractor – I guess his other clients must be yelling louder! Minor finicky things, but they need to get done before I even consider this horror over. Not to mention, he still owes the city two reports from the engineer AND a final inspection to close the permits.

I am not really going to post any more photos of the finished reno. I guess you’ll have to wait for the invitation. We’re thinking about a mid October or early November party to avoid the Christmas rush. Hope you (our friends) can make it. I can hardly wait to cook for you again!

Because I am not posting finished photos any longer, I am posting the unfinished photos…enjoy.

Door bell cover. For some reason the electrician decided that we needed a new doorbell and tossed the cover to the original one. This is upsetting because there was nothing wrong with the doorbell AND it was original to the house. I really like the traditional sound and frankly hate the sound of the new electronic doorbells! Something also happened with our electrical outlet that we used to plug our Nappa Light in at the bottom of the stairs…it no longer works. Our contractor is trying to blame our electrician but he was never near the plug, the only things he did was the box on the other side of the basement! UGH!


Basement drain: this needs to be finished so that we could finally get the carpet installed.


Garbage removal. These are the old bricks. JT and I reclaimed about 80 additional bricks for odd projects and we’ve stored them away, but frankly, neither of us is looking at doing a reno any time in the future so we’re really just storing them for posterity! Piles and piles need to be removed.


Dirt needs to be removed. There is quite a bit of it, still.



Basement window needs to be finished at the bottom. I have no idea when this needs to be done as no one has communicated with us about it. Are they waiting for the interlocking to finish, because if they are, then WE are waiting for additional dirt to be removed from along side of the fence, and the garbage in the garage so that we can order screenings and start working on it. You see…it’s a process and if they lay out the process, things get done to expectation. Imagine THAT!


This is the downspout for the eavestrough…don’t you see it?


Oh, yes, you cannot see it because it is on the dining table outside. JT moved it to a safer location because it was strewn on the fence we share with our ever so patient neighbours. I wonder if it’ll do it’s job sitting on the table when it rains tonight?


Mess in the garage, looks a lot better, but I still cannot get my car in there. I do hope it’ll happen before the snow flies!



In addition to these visual images, there are still quite a few things on The List which I have emailed more than once. The new eta is next week. Let’s see if that happens.