She’s still not singing…

Monday night:

Well, George called on Monday night postponing Todd finishing (actually, he asked if we would mind if he switched Todd until Thursday…JT answered the phone, guess what my answer would have been?). We’ve already changed the locks so I have to go home, let him in and then go home again to lock up. UGH. Finish the job already.


Todd called me as requested and I rushed home to let him in. He finished off a couple more things on the list, but we developed an unexpected water feature in the basement and that took up a lot of his time. Rod the plumber had to be called out. There seems to be a clog in the new drain. Although Rod snaked the drain, nothing major came up. But it seemed to have fixed the issue. NOT.

Of course, this little mishap prevented the entire list being finished.

Friday: Friday morning, we’ve now got a small pond (enough for guppies, not fish). I call Todd and ask him to resolve when he returns to the house today. I am disappointed that I don’t hear from him at all. I call George. George gets Rod to call me.

I arrive home from work and the pond is still there. I call Rod and he suggests a few things to do to see if we can recreate the water seepage. I try to no avail. We leave it that I will watch the pond over the weekend and call him on Monday morning.

On Friday, Todd did do another thing on the list. He must not have been allowed to stay long because there are still things left on the list. Will it ever be over?

On Saturday, I have a carpet guy coming in to quote the basement. Of course, now that there is a chance that there is water seeping into the basement, I cannot put carpet down until it is totally resolved. UGH. I have about 4 dinner parties booked in the next month or so…it would have been nice to finish the basement. Oh well, they will have to wait to see it at the party in November. UGH.

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